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  1. phone went completly sideways the other day so had to hard reset from the boot loader, still crashes randomly.....stupid ICS
  2. afternoon, since i updated my o2 branded xe to ICS it is constantly crashing....it doesnt hang or anything like that, i just goes off, as iff the batteryhas been pulled...it can do it at anytime, most commonly when im listneing to music on the sd card, or straight after a phone call has hung up...its just done it 5 times in as many minutes just sat on my desk at work....sometimes the battery level has dropped irrationally and drastically.... diggin online basic consensus is that sense 3.6 or which ever it is now sucks all the RAM on he phone and it cant handle it and switches off.....no ideal when your waiting for a call etc. does anyone have a fix or is it something HTC are looking in to? I have seen that some people have gone through all the apps removing all and linstalling one by for it to still fail no matter whats on, factory reset and it still fail, new phones failing.... or will it be a case of wait for a patch/fix or root? quite like sense so dont fancy loading a 3rd part skin etc cheers matt
  3. hey, now i know that there are countless threads about desire battery life etc but this isnt one of the many idneticle ones - or i hope not... recently installed that live profile app, was a waste of time as i never used it so i canned it. I noticed that while having it instlaled it sucked my battery life silly presumably because of the constant connection etc. When i uninstalled it, the battery life if still getting cained and i dont use the phone any differently to how i did before. Is it possible that the app has left something behind that is sucking the battery? anyone else experienced the same thing? Cheers Matt
  4. Did you wipe the device first?? Could have remained from the previous ROM???
  5. Mine http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY4ODkwNDY5 thanks, :)
  6. its running good, had a ton of battery left but the AS. process is still killings it...seems to start after its been on charg...anyone else experienced this?
  7. Yeah i installed the aLogCat from post #10 and noted that the governor lines now exist as below I/98mods01_screenstate_scaling( 1127):***Sleeping***: switching cpu frequency governor to ->powersave and then I/98mods01_screenstate_scaling( 1127):***awake***: switching cpu frequency governor to ->interactive Does this not show that the governors are installed correctly?? Admitedly since taking it off charge i had the music player running for the 20 or so min traing journey to work but that doesnt affect the AS process in the battery usage stats usually.... EDIT:after a number of reboots AS process is now back in third slot so maybe a loose process running wild or something....? Matt
  8. Hi, Since installing the perflock and governor mods i noticed that the android system process in the battery usage stats is now topping my list at about 70% use....normally my cell standby is there at about 38% with AS being third in the list....is this normal?? Not really nnoticed increased battery performance due to the change in usage of the AS process. Cheers, Matt
  9. cool, wondered how to do it as i wanted to remove a different app from the /system folder. Getting bugged by wave secure...
  10. forgive my ignorance but whats abd recovery - not been on android long and only flashed my device this week...would like to get this updated preferably without a rebak
  11. Hi, i need help from you good people with my home network (as the title would suggest B) ) i have an XP laptop and a windows 7 laptop and i want to be able to share the content between them both as the xp one iwll be for general use and the 7 one will be a media center type I managed the other week to share the music library from the XP to teh 7 laptop and PS3 with out too muich difficulty but now, neither devices will see the XP machine the 7 laptop cant ping the XP one or acess it via host name or IP address the xp one hopwever can ping and access shares on the 7 laptop. my phone can RDP onto both PC's using the IP address i can only assume that it is a problem with the share settings or the fire wall on the XP laptop that is stopping proceedings as the IP's are DHCP controlled by the O2 wireless box2 router, the gateway and subnet are both matching and both are on a home network called WORKGROUP (changed to the windows default to ensure correct spelling etc...cant mess it up that way) :) im using McAfee AV on both machines if you need to know this and the firewall is enableed but have the file and printer sharing set as an exception... if anyone can suggest anything that may help me i would be very grateful Many Thanks, Matt
  12. Since google enabled push connectivity i have been enjoying getting my emails sync'd to my HD and clicking link merrily when items from social networking sites arrive. Now though, when i click a link to view a thread, instead of opening the mobile version of the site in opera, it now opens the full site version of said thread which means it takes twice as long to open and i cant really do half the functionality of the mobile one (reply to threads, status updates etc) I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has a fix for it? When opening facebook in opera manually with out the link it defaults to mobile web not mian web so not sure why this has happened....started about a week or so ago. Any Help Appreciated Matt
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