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  1. How about a comparison of the different machines?
  2. I have a SPV3100 and a C550 and they both sync perfectly. P.
  3. Hmmm... switching to Tmob at the end of this contract methinks.
  4. Hi, A few weeks back there was a big hoohaa about a Times article claiming that Orange were doing a flat rate £8 data pack. Having just received my latest bill (!) I was wondering when this would be available and if anybody has heard anything since. I need it yesterday. Best, Paul.
  5. And Oranges response to this will be.... ....badword all!
  6. Hi, I'm going to Poland this weekend so don't want my 3100 attempting to data connect. Whats the best way of stopping it trying to connect. I've tried chaging the Control Panel... Connections... Connections... Orange World but they keep reappearing. I don't want to delete the settings entirely. Help! Its bad enough paying Orange's extortionate data charges (fortunately I'm on Try3G for now) but I really don't want to pay roaming charges to Orangeska!
  7. Yes, yes, MSN Messenger has been removed from the M3100 for various reason, we all know that, but... Can anyone suggest an alternative which ISN'T Agile as Agile doesn't work reliably on my M3100 (I'm not the only one - its been reported elsewhere on various forums). I get lock ups. Remove Agile and everything is fine. Reinstall Agile and lockups are back. So whats the SECOND best MSN Messenger alternative?
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the help. According to this thread (http://www.modaco.com/Switching-between-Wifi-and-3G-GPRS-t244675.html) its the direct push forcing the 3G connection. That would certainly tie in with when I set up Messaging to use mail2web.com. I'm considering making the move to Tmob - I'll see what kind of deal I get in the shop today (if available) and telesales. If I like then I'll move to Tmob and return my 3100 under the distance selling. Would I need to supply an 'excuse'? I'll certainly get the 3G trial and maybe Orange will have a w'n'w match in the future. I tried many times to get the
  9. I am a little concerned about 3G data usage. I don't want to end up with a huge bill at the end of the month. I have wireless at home and it all works nicely but the 3100 still seems to want to connect thru 3G a little too much for my linking. Is there anywhere I can specifically say "only connect via 3G when wifi is not available" or "never connect via 3G" Skype has a manual setting but most apps do not. Egress always dials out thru 3G regardless of whether I have a strong 3G signal or not. If I can't control this then I'm gonna have to bag it and return it via distance selling rules and go TMob w'n'w.
  10. On mine if I press the green phone button from the homescreen the dial pad pops up. I just key in the name t9-like and hit Talk. Seems straightforward - same as my C550.
  11. I did try and search both here and Orange but couldn't find anything. Thanks people - I'm back online!
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