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  1. Simple Compact Framework development with Borland Developer Studio 2006 is an interesting watch and shows promise of Delphi supporting other platforms than the regular PC ;)
  2. I'm currently occupied developing some software for a company in the states so I seriously doubt I will get any time to look at the T9AW.udb, sorry :D
  3. Please move if there is a more suitable secton ^_^ I was asked the other day by marring to provide information on the mst9.udb format so he could make a language specific mst9 editor, here it is: header area length data -------------------- 0x00 2 0x1000 (length of file) 0x02 2 checksum-16 from 0x06 to end of last word then add filesize (0x1000) 0x04 2 priority checksum (add all priority values together, divide by 8 and finally subtract double the number of words 0x06 2 0x000F (constant) 0x08 2 number of words in dictionary (hex) word area length data -------------------- 0x00 2 Priority 0x02 2 length of word -1 (n = actual number of characters in word) 0x04 n Word in Unicode If you open up the file in a hex editor and follow the format it soon begins to make sence :D A word on the priority section: The priority is a value divisible by 8 (usually starting at 24) however when there are too many words in the dictionary this value can decrease by a different factor and can even be 1 :-/ in mst9 Ed I pretty much don't allow this and made the lowest user selectable value 24 and wrote a routine to reduce it when saving if needed as the priority checksum cannot be more than FF (hex) Priority checksum information was contributed by Steve Kay
  4. Unfortuatly only the msT9.udb file format is currently supported. I recently moved and development halted but I intend to pick up where I left off, implement the two user modes and fix the range check errors that pop up from time to time. When I've done that I hope to implement support for other T9 user dictionarys :-) Posted from my SmartPhone!
  5. Steve, please be my guest, I wouldn't even know where to start on a Smartphone version and you have already shown you know exactly what you're doing (without your initial findings and assistance it would have taken me a lot longer to make msT9 Ed) :D If you do want any assistance or I can help you in any way (I seriously doubt you need my help :D) feel free to give me a shout, however I'm moving any day now (hence no software update yet) and won't be around for immediate responses
  6. It's easy to check if the amount of words on the dictionary is greater/less/ equal to that of one on the PC (and indeed take a look at the checksums to see if there are the same amount of words but a different collection) However I'm dubious of overwriting anything, the best compromise would possably be to do a merge of words and allow the user to remove any before syncing back to the phone. This would probably be better achieved by creating a run time parameter and creating a desktop shortcut to start the process. What do you think? I'll look into it for a future build, for now I want to start work on the simple and advanced modes as well as fix another bug I spotted (it's doubtfull many will have come across it yet so don't panic :lol:) and of course start some serious investigation into the other T9 format. Keep the suggestions coming, I'll implement what I can and feedback is much appreciated :)
  7. Want to MoBlog with pictures + text or just text and don't want to use the existing services because you want full control? You want simsi moblog (I didn't write this btw, it was a lucky find on Google :)) Features: Post pictures and text via MMS to your website, appears within seconds/minutes Automatic thumbnail generation No database required RSS to alert regular visiters of new additions Allow lists to stop spam appearing in your blog Uses a template for custom look and feel free I had to hack it a little to get it working the way I want (3x3 display of thumbnails with only the date appearing beneath) and I'm still not finished either, but it's a very handy script and a great base to start your own personal MoBlog :lol:
  8. I use Delphi 7, there's nothing very special about my enviroment (unless you count an overflowing desktop as special :D), it's just my normal PC which I use for a variety of tasks :) To communicate with the phone (which is a very small part of the software and is simply a file transfer) I use RAPI.PAS which I found on the net and fixed, it's available in the C++ section of the forum (I didn't know where else to put it). As I understand it there is a lot of documentation for both Visual Basic and Visual C++ on the net for communicating with the phone, in fact to get started I converted some C++ examples to Delphi. If you need any assistence I'm happy to help but I dare say there's others with more experience and skills than I have (I'm a programming noob) who may be able to provide better advice. There is a help file included in the zip, if it needs improvements just let me know the specifics and I'll get it sorted :lol: 1.3 won't be out until next week at least (I have company for a few days and have to put programming aside) however I've decided to go for a 'basic' and 'advanced' mode. Both modes will be similar to what you see now, however 'basic' will not allow you to edit word priorities and will keep the existing values (albeit hidden from view). Advanced will allow you to edit them but in doing so will round up the values to a power of 8 (starting at 24, ending at 248), I will be implementing a 'fix' if the checksum value is too great, however I want to do some more testing before I start on this routine to see what the phone does when faced with a checksum value greater than FFFF. You will of course be able to swap modes at any time but switching to advanced will round the values losing the original values for the words so if you decide you preferred the previous basic setting values then it might be wise to work on a backup of your dictionary :lol: Hopefully this change in design will appease everyone's needs and then the task of testing the AWT9.UDB format will begin (which I will need at least one volunteer for when the time comes :lol:)
  9. The priority calculation changed in v1.1, a 4 in 1.1 is the same as a 1 in 1.0 and 1.2 though I'll take a look at the dissapearing issue whilst working on the new checksum calculation routine :)
  10. Ainvar, I'm not sure where you're T9 user DB could be, is there a possability it uses a different format? Look around obvious places and try opening a few files in a hex editor (after copying them to your PC), you'll easily spot which is a word list Pagemakers, msT9 ED plays it 'safe' with priority values (It was a compromise due to letting anyone edit them instead of only the T9 Input software). Alas this method has meant the file checksum limit has been reached and exceeded on your dictionary, Steves SP T9 Editor doesn't alter existing priority values meaning they can go as low as 1 (that's 1 decimal, msT9 Ed goes as low as 24 decimal, due to losing a few dictionaries because of low values I decided to play it safe and round up). A 'quick fix' is to either remove a word or two and/or drop a few priority values, however I will be addressing this issue very shortly :)
  11. Ok, this error is caused by an overflow of the main checksum variable, I'm interested as to whether your dictionary actually works on the smartphone and what it's checksum value is (it should be a max of FFFF, the error is generated because during calculation it's going higher) However msT9 Ed does err on the side of caution with priority values so Steves tool and indeed the T9 Input software may have given you a few more words before erroring. What I'm thinking of doing is similar to the Priority checksum fix where I'll reduce the priority of the highest items until the main checksum is within it's limit. I'll have a think about the best course of action and see if there's an alternative solution :)
  12. I think I'm able to replicate the error you are experiencing and will start looking into it immediately (which unfortuantly also means AWT9.UDB research is on hold) I've also altered the default position so when 1.3 is released it should clear that problem up for you too :)
  13. I'll look into the positioning, I'm not sure why it's starting like that for you as I set it to appear in the middle of the desktop so I've no idea what's happening. I'll see about sorting something out for you though :) Alas you cannot affect inbuilt words, I guess you could try adding one and raising it's priority but I think I tried that and it didn't work. As for that range check error, can you send me the dictionary you were using or anything else that may help me track it down (for example number of words and length of the longest), I haven't seen that error in a long time and thought I'd got rid of it.
  14. v1.2 available for download in the first post Changelog: [*] Priority calculation changed again, hopefully this is a happy medium. [*] New check added when saving, if Priority checksum is greater than FFFF msT9 Ed attempts to apply a fix [*] Misc fixes on unimportant display functions [*] Help File updated with a new section (Saving a 'T9 input destroyed' dictionary) [*] Now able to open a dictionary by dropping it onto the application. I'm glad I didn't release 1.2 when I finished it, I was able to catch two bugs I'd introduced with the new checking routine. I'll now start looking at the other .udb files and seeing what I can make of them :)
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