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  1. I'm actually using WinDVD Copy 4 which will do both DVDs or files to WMV. There are only 3 profiles and the medium profile is possibly a little too high spec for the C550 (25fps) but it actually handles it pretty well. It is easy to then use Win Media encoder if you want to convert down to the pocket PC widescreen profile (and quick). I've tried all the other methods (Divx etc) but for some reason none particularly like my Digital TV (UK Freeview) recordings and bomb out, even though I have them in DVD compatible format. WinDVD Creator and WinDVD copy are rock solid with them however and nice to be able to pass on to other Pocket PC users who may only have Windows Media installed.
  2. I have a 1GB SAN Disk MiniSD I got from EmartBuy for £60 a while back. Works a treat and also seems pretty quick when in the SD adapter in my HP tc4200 and my iPAQ.
  3. Just tried my laptop, got about 3 tracks done before it bombed out so back to using my MiniSD card in my SD reader. Tried on an Athlon64, Opteron and Pentium M machine now so a fair mix of hardware. Looks like the theory above is correct. Pretty funny considering the C550 is aimed at music fans ;-). Still, one should always expect these things as early adopters. I'm still very pleased with mine (though unlike some I don't yet have an investment in SmartPhone software seeing as I've only been an iPAQ user). I've still got about 800MB of tracks on my MiniSD and the sound is pretty good I'd say.
  4. No luck on my side either. Gets to about 2% then hangs. WMP then says it still can't see the device, even though I'm still sync'd and can still explore it. The PC I've tried is very clean but I am connecting as a guest. Not sure if that makes a difference but won't get chance to test on my laptop till tomorrow.
  5. Just want to confirm it worked a treat on my new C550 too. I read this thread and took the plunge. The only thing I did differently is that I unlocked the application lock via the orange uk developers site. (I'd already done this before finding this thread). Only needed to copy and run the cab and then the unlock tool.
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