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  1. casperr

    BUY & SELL Thread

    I texted you washboard re: mpx 220 but you never replied to any of my texts
  2. casperr

    Updates of MPX220

    yes sir. Why?
  3. casperr

    Updates of MPX220

    Let's update this thread when this phone has become available in greenhills or those authorized dealers. I am interested in getting one, but of course, when the price is reasonable already.
  4. casperr

    BUY & SELL Thread

    LOL! :)
  5. casperr

    Latest updates on the SAP2 / Voyager launch

    I thought I read SAP would go for sale, I think some have been sold cheap to smart employees already. Anyone here from smart who can give us good deals? My friend is looking for one, sure buyer.
  6. casperr

    Brightpoint Service Center Thread

    ü Posted from my SmartPhone!
  7. casperr

    BUY & SELL Thread

    well di naman talagang bago ill just wait for sap2 to come out or when mitac one is reasonably priced
  8. casperr

    BUY & SELL Thread

    - Still has 6-7 more months warranty - no scratches and still has plastic on screen - complete package (charger that is used for charging and as data cable for pc, camera, manual, etc) - this is openline running QTEK ROM with MSN fix - i will include one CD full of SAP apps, games and other SAP stuff - INCLUDES an FM radio attachment which has flashlight - I will also include a travel charger which I got for 400. This charger doesnt need to be connected to PC to charge so you can bring it anywhere Selling all these for 11k only or swap with Nokia 3200 Call/Text 09173992746 for faster transaction Forgot to add: It includes the original SAP stereo headset and an audio converter so you can attach your SAP to external speakers
  9. casperr

    Mitac Mio available in Phils now

    wala bang update? magkano na kaya to? less than 20k na kaya?
  10. It doesnt on mine and what's weird is I installed it over my friend's phone as well as the patch but the backlight stays on. It doesnt on mine, weird. I tried many times to choose backlight, reenit registry but doesnt wwork still. We are running on different ROM, could it be the reason? Im using the latest from QTEK. Would have been perfect if it can fix my backlight issues :) Thanks for the patch tho, its awesome
  11. casperr

    HELP!!!hanging phone

    alam mo dobby, and problema sa iyo ay ang reaction mo. Masyado kang feeling alam mo lahat e. Even if i was on pyke's shoes, I would react the same. Just look at the emoticons you used when you reacted dun sa hard reset. Parang you are saying right away na, mali si pyke. Apparently, wag kang magrunong runungan dahil we might know alot than you do esp si pyke
  12. Where can i buy this and how much? Thanks
  13. casperr

    HELP!!!hanging phone

    This is odd, he he he. Ngayon kayo naman dalawa nag, aaway, dati kami ni dobby_gobby_man Di ba you even said pyke, nakakatawa kaming dalawa when we were debating on something. Ngayon kayo naman :wink:
  14. casperr

    my New PocketMVP patch...

    How about the backlight problems? Can you fix it? Playing videos, the backlight always turn off and it's a hassle changing it the power management everytime i will play the videos. Thanks
  15. oo nga pyke, too bad, it only happens sa SAP and not to other cellphone using memory cards

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