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  1. I've seen videos of the UI of the diamond stock and it is nice but very laggy. Anyone got any videos they can link me that demo's the UI after the mod to the firmware? Would be really interested to see how much the lag has improved as this is my biggest concern. TIA
  2. I don't know if you're still looking for ideas but a really good program that I thought of would be something that would look through the calendar and find who's Birthday it is today. It would then send them a Happy Birthday text message using a template inserting their name in there. You could also have settings like when to send the text (maybe even specifying a range and it will send the text a random time between those times). Having multiple template messages where it will pick one at random. Possibly extending to anniversary dates too. If anyone knows of a program that already does this then please do let me know :-) Cheers
  3. True but if that happened then I guess you could just not do another send/receive and download them from the PC before you do the send/receive from the device. Thanks again :-)
  4. I gave that a go but it didn't seem to work. Then I thought that maybe I need to remove them from my deleted items too and it seemed to work then. So the emails do not get deleted off the server if you delete them from the inbox and they are still in the Deleted Items folder. Thanks for help with sorting this out. Cheers
  5. I've set up my email accounts so they download messages from my mail server. However, when I delete emails from the phone it does not delete them off the server. Is there anyway I can do this. I don't want downloaded emails to be pulled off the server though. I use a computer to download emails but use the phone to check messages when I'm out and about. If I know I have junk email then I'd prefer to delete them from the phone so that when I'm at my computer to download the mails then it doesn't need to download the junk. Any help will be great. Thanks Milan
  6. Still having problems with this. Keeps dropping the connection after a few seconds. Any help at all? Is there an updated for the C550 that fixes any bluetooth issues?
  7. I'm still having problems with my C550 and my Sony Ericsson HCB-300 car kit in that it finds the connection as per normal but drops the connection after about 5 to 10 seconds. If I then manually connect it, it will connect and again drop after a few seconds. I'm really gutted because I've spent a small fortune on my car kit. Any ideas from anyone?
  8. Hi. I've got a HCB-300 bluetooth car kit which has worked fine with my Sony Ericsson T610 and my Sony Ericsson S700. It has also worked fine on Nokia's too. I've tried connecting it to my new SPV C550 and all seems to work fine but soon after it connects it drops the connection. Is there any reason why it does this? Being bluetooth, it should just work despite being different makes. Thanks in advance
  9. If some of you are having trouble getting your hands on the C550 try http://www.mobileshop.co.uk/mobile-phones/...ge-spv-c550.php I managed to get the phone for free on the off peak 1000 tarrif with half price rental for 10 months. Complete bargain!! Received phone on 15 July as well so got it well early :) Let me know if you going for a deal cos then I can refer you and get £20 from it. Obviously split this 50/50
  10. Not really feature gripes, more for actual bugs for the phone. 1. When composing an MMS message and go to capture photo. The default res is 640 x 480 and cannot be changed when going to Menu->Options->Modes. To send a picture of 320 x 240 or smaller you have to use the Camera application and then import the picture into the MMS composer. 2. Also when composing an MMS message and you are selecting the recipient, it does not pick up any other number for that contact apart from the default texting number. Composing normal text message picks up all numbers.
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