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  1. OK, just entered even though I already have one. Really impressed by it so far, battery lasts well over a day with no low battery warning in the evening.
  2. I imagine ovivo will go the same way as GiffGaff eventually, they couldn't give away free internet for ever
  3. There is no root for windows mobile as such, just bootloader unlocking, its been a while but from what I can remember this will probably need a windoiws pc. Head over to the Xperia x1 forum on xda developers to see what you can do with it, its mostly going to be custom roms and themes though, and trying to do all this from linux may be tricky.
  4. What Paul said for points one and two. The ability to view old purchases is still there though without the legacy store, although it isn't very consitant. On my Nexus one I just go to the apps section of Play and there is a download icon in the top section next to the magnifying glass, on my HTC OneX I need to click on the menu button to get to the same place.
  5. They could call it the Nexus Optimus, or NO for short.
  6. Got the Jot touch last week, bluetooth pressure sensitivity is ok on the ipad, but not as good as an active digitiser pen on windows. The stylus itself is very good, and very accurate. For android I recommend getting one of the cheaper Jots like the mini, cheaper than the bamboo and if they are anything like the touch you won't be disappointed.
  7. I did say I'd gone a overboard, its the bluetooth version I've bought :wacko:. I was thinking of getting one of the cheaper versions without the pressure sensitivity, but I know that a few weeks/months down the line I'd be wishing I gone for the more expensive option; so I figured I'd save £20 or £30 and just buy it now.
  8. I've gone completely overboard and ordered a Jot touch pressure sensitive stylus for my iPad. I have a few of the supported apps for it on the iPad and hope to have a few for my Nexus 7 when they get around to releasing the Android SDK. Its a lot of money just for a stylus but I hope its worth it in the end.
  9. No problems with the cheap one I got from Amazon, it seems to lock every time and the magnet is so small/weak it really needs to be on the front of the case to work properly. The only thing I think I would change is the amount of coverage at the edges, as the opening is the same size as the screen it makes it difficult to swipe in from the edge to scroll through tabs in chrome and to pull down the status bar.
  10. Case just came through, and for the money I'm pretty happy. I must have got the version two case as the magnets seem to work just fine, screen comes on when I open the case. As a stand its not great, the fold is a bit weak to trust to holding the N7 in landscape for video viewing, but as a case for protection and carrying around it does the job and doesn't feel overly cheap. The free stylus works well for draw something too, not put on the screen protector as I'm not a fan of them, and in the case it doesn't really need one.
  11. I can see purchased, and previously loaded free, apps in the regular play store, just A bit more hidden than before. Look in the menu bar for a download icon on right, clicking it brings back my apps with installed and all.
  12. Mine is messing about with its WiFi connection now too, but I've found out that you can pass through a WiFi connection from your phone using Bluetooth.
  13. Just ordered this, will let you know what its like when it gets here.
  14. The build in Data Usage in settings.
  15. Noticed something weird on my N7, when I had skype running in the background it had managed to clock up 1.45 GB of data, with only about 80MB used for a short video call to test the quality of the camera. Decided to uninstall it as quality wasn't great and with that ammount of data transferred it couldn't have been doing the battery life much good. Has anyone else with Skype installed noticed this or was mine just acting up?
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