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  1. I have my pulse boxed away since the start of the year when I got my Nexus One. If they're getting collectible I might just stick it on ebay and see what they go for now. :angry:
  2. Looks like the FM radio isn't really down to Paul, well apart from him be the reason the there is a Desire port in the first place. He said earlier that he'd got it working using IntersectRaven's FM enabled kernel found here. I've not tried out the Desire port myself, but for anyone that has why not try dropping this kernel into your phones and see what the results are?
  3. The battery monitor in your phone is smart enough to know not to completely discharge a lithium ion battery, which is why it turns your phone off before it is totally discharged.
  4. Go back and read what he was replying to, it is normal.
  5. For anyone confused about the Nexus One not meeting the requirements for Gingerbread here is a link to the official spec page. Not only does it meet the min memory and CPU speed requirements, it beats the min screen size requirement by 0.2".
  6. I hate to burst the bubble here but have you looked at the number of replies on the Samsung Omnia forum? After all Modaco is more than just and android site :lol:
  7. Where did you buy your license file from? The link to generate a titanium back license file is only for plus users not ad-free. You should probably contact whoever you bought the license from to get a new one.
  8. My pocket along with all my keys coins etc. ever since lost the sleeve that came with it at the end of January. Amazing thing is there's not a mark on it. :lol:
  9. Server is flying for me, baked almost immediately and downloaded in less than 2mins.
  10. Missed a step or two out, you need to copy the flash_image script across to the phone, full instructions and links are here
  11. You could this with the AmonRA recovery image file copied to the root of the SD card and type adb flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-nexus-v1.6.2.img Getting the image on there if you don't have access to an SD card reader might be tricky though, try this adb push recovery-RA-nexus-v1.6.2.img /sdcard then adb shell sync Good luck
  12. Don't really know what else to try, except perhaps without your SIM and memory card inserted.
  13. Have you tried holding vol-down, power and trackball while the OS is running then releasing only the power button?
  14. Its unlikely to be a threat, Bloodhound.PDF!gen is a heuristics detection method for trojans embedded in PDF files which exploit vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader. The Problem with heuristics is that they look for patterns in files, which can throw up false positives as well as finding infections. As the file is an android program intended for running on an ARM processor, and not a PDF file intended for use with Adobe Reader, it is highly likely that this is a false positive. If you are really worried send the file to your antivirus manufacturer for them to scan properly and remove it from their definitions file.
  15. Looking thin apart from the bulge on the end. How are you meant to put up shelves with that as a spirit level :(
  16. Its always been like that, its not just a froyo thing.
  17. I'm assuming your gf's cheap wifi router is connected to a different phone line, the wtf is probably just that she has a faster internet connection than you do. Nothing to do with the router.
  18. Its no to both questions, those are custom ROM features and this is stock apart from root.
  19. Another app to add to the not working list is Co-Pilot. It fails at the unpacking library stage. Emailed support so hopefully will get an update soon.
  20. Restore to default and use the default recovery to flash, same as last time really. EDIT: Should really say I personally won't be doing this, I prefer to wait for a rooted MCR, which won't be too long I'm sure.
  21. Are there hundreds of thousands Nexus One owners? :rolleyes:
  22. Please don't if it will make the forum wider than 1024, I really hate that as I have to scroll sideways to read everything.
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