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  1. Couldn't see any on HTC's accessory store, ordered one from ebay as it was working out cheaper than from Google with the shipping charge, might have to wait a bit longer but hopefully won't get stung for tax.
  2. With Google stopping their online store I wonder if the Car and audio docks will be available through other channels?
  3. Have you tried the "How to unlock the bootloader on your Nexus One" post in the sticky section? Was still there when I looked a second ago.
  4. Does sound come out of the mesh by any chance? The second mic on the Nexus one doesn't have mesh behind the mic hole just another tiny little hole. It does have the mesh beside the camera though, but that's the speaker.
  5. Vodafone hasn't released their Nexus One yet, but I doubt if it will be any better reception than what's available already.
  6. I imagine the compatible range will not bring the bluetooth A2DP or use the three gold "dots" on the phone for power connections and letting the phone know that its docked. They will most likely be overpriced versions of the stuff you can buy on ebay.
  7. Were you previously using an Apps2sd enabled ROM and just flashed one without that feature? For the tethering make sure you have usb debugging turned on.
  8. It's most likely not going to appear on the marketplace, but if you're really desperate you could sign up for a plus account here which gets you into the beta as one of the few Andriod benefits (so far).
  9. Well he did say limited internet while he was away, which probably means he doesn't want to pony up the ridiculous prices you get charged for global data roaming. Hopefully Kerry Katona will stop burning the turkey twizzlers soon and he'll be able to get back again.
  10. The proximity detector?
  11. Its the red telephone hardware key, on phones other than the Nexus one that is since it doesn't have call and end keys.
  12. You need to get the source code for it, translate it into java and get it to do everything using the Android SDK, simple enough for a Hello World type program but not so easy for something like an emulator.
  13. Thanks, its something I really miss from my WM phones, even the onscreen pop-up you get with the Android voice dial would be better than nothing. :(
  14. Hi Paul, is there any chance you would be able to work a bluetooth voice dial enabled version of the ROM? Apparently it's been disabled by a flag in the bluetooth headset java framework. There's no guarantee it would work with every headset but at least it would be a reason for still keeping the voice dial applicaton when using the kitchen. There's a discussion on this on xda here.
  15. I already baked my last ROM on my handset, but I could see the attraction of not having to scroll around and still being able to read the ingredients. ;)
  16. Stock Android makes no distinction between 3G and HSDPA in the topbar, use spare part, or type *#*#4636#*#* into the dialer, and look at the phone information screen to see what type of connection is currently active. HTC ROMs are not stock android and show an H in the topbar when connected to HSDPA.
  17. That's generally the way it works, the antenna and other bits of radio hardware need to be tuned to pick the right frequencies. If it was just a matter flicking a software switch somewhere don't you think there would be lots more crossover of handsets between operators?
  18. Did it work before you updated? I thought Rogers was on the same 3G band as AT&T, so unless you've got one of the latest AT&T models of the Nexus One you are going to be hardware limited to 2G/Edge only. If Rogers uses the same 3G band as T-mobile in the US then it should work, provided you have the right APNs set up.
  19. Thought I'd break out the pulse for a play and see if I could get mms going on it. I stuck in a giffgaff sim (they use the O2 network) and applied the O2 MMS fix, then changed the O2 MMS apn to the giffgaff settings but leaving it called o2 UK MMS. Worked like a charm, apart from the usual O2 message resizing that goes on.
  20. Is there any chance that the title of this post could be edited to include a few spaces in the ROM name? Its really annoying when it appears in the most recent posts box as it stretches the whole site beyond the maximum width of my browser window.
  21. www.hackint0sh.org is one I used to use quite regularly but there are lots of iPhone specific websites,
  22. You'll be so disappointed when your receive one.
  23. Try using GPS location services if you aren't already, sometimes cell location can be a bit hit and miss.
  24. What have you in your ignore list for advanced task killer?
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