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  1. You wouldn't want to at the moment as the flash wouldn't work and you would be stuck with a 3MP picture. If its the same as the HTC camera apps from WM the widescreen pictures will just be the full 5MP pictures with the top and bottom cut off anyway, you could do that yourself in any desktop picture editing program.
  2. It means you haven't enabled USB debugging in the settings.
  3. I'm pretty sure Paul is a little bit Irish too, seem to remember that from way back :D
  4. Is there any space left on the data partition of your phone or is it pretty full?
  5. Well if you had been in the UK and used borderlinx you'd still most likely have to pay VAT as they seem to use DHL to ship. As you are from Belgium you should be better able to answer whether you will be expected to pay whatever you local equivalent of VAT is better than someone from the UK could, check your local DHL website to see if they say anything about paying import duties on your behalf. EDIT: I'm assuming you meant you bought yours from Google through borderlinx and were having them ship it to belgium.
  6. With there not really being enough ROM room on the Nexus One to flash this without modification what's the betting that HTC have mixed up the ROM and RAM specs on their site?
  7. Just got mine through today for £59.21 too, although I had ordered on the 11th. Must just look at the exchange rate whatever day they do the bills out.
  8. This is a bit confusing, yesterday afternoon you posted that you unlock the bootloader and today you have no recollection of this and have been trying to turn your phone on all day. Which is it?
  9. Are you flashing through amonra recovery?
  10. I get that too, coming from a completely virgin ERE27 to the MCR, the same thing happened on the T-mobile Pulse. I think the solution was a wipe. EDIT: Just remembered what the reboot required message was for, the SSH password was put into the build number. I cooked without SSH but I suppose some of the scripts could still be hanging about somewhere.
  11. Like xkonni said you can connect the dock to you hifi then stream via A2DP from the phone to the dock. The main point of this is that not everyone has a set of BT speakers, but most will have a hifi or some sort of sound system that will accept two RCA inputs. You don't even need to carry the phone around with you, it can charge (and keep itself charged) while you're listening to the music. Would be nice if it could be used as a handsfree kit with extra loud speakers too, but that might be a bit much to expect, maybe the car kit will have this functionality ;)
  12. You need to have an actual gmail account associated with your google apps account too. A workaround has been posted on the google support forum here. If you are using a googlemail.com email address and want google to fix picasa sync for rest of the world users then click here and star this bug tracker. Star it even if you're not want to sync picasa, just on principle ;)
  13. Since acc1506 was last seen on 18th Jan 2010 I think the chance pf them not claiming are pretty slim :D Nevermind, everyone who supports, or has supported the site in the past deserves to win ;)
  14. I quite enjoy the tangents and awkward pauses as you try to work out who's up next. Makes it more human. ;)
  15. The "[" at the end of /system/xbin/ looks a bit odd, should it really be there?
  16. That's the boot splash screen, and it will still show a padlock, although I see someone saying over on XDA they had managed to change it to a closed padlock. The bootloader screen is different, you get to it with a key combination at power up time, it actually states unlocked in text at the top of the screen and no one has claimed to be able to change that as far as I know.
  17. It'll probably take a while for Paul to make sure everyone entitled to be in the competition is actually in the draw. I know that my subscriptions page only shows the last three or four times I registered for plus, I was a Plus member in April 2003 (still have the welcome acknowledgment in my inbox with codes for smart explorer and Task Manager for smartphone ;)), but the earliest the subscriptions panel shows me being a plus member is in May 2006.
  18. Fails with rooted phones, been tried over on XDA Also have the update link there too, its https://android.clients.google.com/updates/...79.a487b405.zip Just beat to it, but by the original poster of the link so that's ok ;) EDIT2: Nice first post, worth waiting all this time :D
  19. Gallery, Browser and Maps. Be nice to see it in mail and Gmail too, but can't have everything I supose :(
  20. Sounds good, wonder what order they are going to roll in, area or when it was bought? Has anyone on here actually received it yet?
  21. Bugger, would have been nice. Not that I need it with my Nexus One now, but I'd still like to get the Pulse "fully" operational to either sell or pass on.
  22. Anyone try out mms with it yet? Might make the progress being made in the O2 MMS problems thread redundant if it really is a generic ROM that doesn't need the apparent T-Mobile lock down put into it, or were files needed from the T-Mobile ROM to get it working?
  23. I thought both your phones came in one box? Surely you would only have one bill, or have you been busy buying others?
  24. Hey, at least you're legal, if a little poorer :) Expect on current form I'll get a bill next week too B)
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