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  1. Why not go the whole hog and put the asx file or a shortcut into your programs menu, you could even create a new subfolder for them. Just tried this out and now have a new folder in my programs menu called music with a shortcut to a playlist. Works a treat. I'm off to sort out the rest of my tunes. :D
  2. Find the short cut in IPSMWindowsStart MenuGames using activesync. Drag and drop the link you want change to you desktop. Edit it with notepad so it points to where the .exe is on your SD card. Copy back to IPSMWindowsStart MenuGames and run from the phone. Haven't tried it out but should work fine.
  3. For anyone else in the same boat that I was in try the following tip. If you are outside your contract period with Orange and want to upgrade to the SPV for free then ask for your existing contract to be transfered to OVP Virgin and buy an SVP on a new contract from any of the online places doing it for free (or 99p). Call orange everyphone from your old number and divert all call to your new number, won't you or the caller anything for the diversion as its done within the network. Only problems are text messages won't be forwarded (just check the old phone/sim every couple of days) and you can't get back onto everday 50 again.
  4. [Edited by Site Admin, thanks for the submission Shuflie!] SYMPTOM: I don't know if this qualifies as a bug or not but I think its very strange behaviour. When I mark an email in my inbox as unread the phone infroms me that I have new mail (literally since this is the notification wav I use for new email). RESOLUTION: None Known
  5. Can someone who has just received their new phone check the boot loader (hold the record key while switching on the phone) to see what their rom version is?
  6. You may have to wait, if you look here: you'll see that these were meant to have been released at the october launch of the Smartphone in London. Now there is no mention of the smartphone on the web site. Wonder if they are still planning a relesase or has certification reared it ugly head again.
  7. Its possible to use the phone without sim card inserted but as you guessed you will have to have an orange sim inserted and switch the radio off first.
  8. I just use the copy to device function on media player 8 (XP again). It doesn't report how much space is available on the SD card (SPV is not a supported device) but has no problems copying to it.
  9. Check to see if you 've altered the activesync settings on the phone as this gave me problems too, you may find that the phone still thinks its supposed to sync email although the computer doesn't.
  10. Correction to price for SD card - $110 not $70, roughly £70 which is still very good value.
  11. Now that would be really nice, but can you really imagine that any mobie phone operator would allow you to use voice over ip services on their network?
  12. Have a look here too http://www.emblaze.com/serve/news/show_new...ews1.asp?id=899
  13. I ordered a couple of things from retailers on EBay and got excellent service from both sellers. First thing was a sandisk 256Mb SD card for $70+$10 postage from topdot7 in the states. Took 1 week to arrive and he fixed it so there was no customs charges to pay. The second was an XDA USB charger/sync cable ordered late Friday night from umernalla for £13 + 75p P&P. Arrived today (as did the SD card). Both SD card and USB cable are working well, copying over a stack of MP3s to the SD card as I type :D
  14. I can never seem to connect to the wap network at all, either by GPRS or by the dial in wap connection. Would it be possible for someone with a working wap connection (either dial up or over GPRS) to post their settings for ALL their connections including the proxy settings.
  15. Should be possible but I think it will be very unlikely to appear. Just think of the amount of storage space that would be required to hold the speech samples required to recognise an individual.
  16. I'd most look forward to a smartphone implementation of M.A.M.E. You could get lots of games out on the smartphone with only one certification.
  17. Does the problem appear after you have been talking on the phone for a while? If so has your screen switched off before you press the hang-up button? When you press the button the first time this brings the screen back to life and the phone needs the button to be pressed a second time to actually hang up. You could go to your power settings and set the screen saver to none but this would only drain your battery more quickly, the best thing to do is just press the button twice every time to be on the safe side, after a while it becomes second nature and you don't even notice yourself doing it.
  18. Its been a couple of days since I did it so I may not remember exactly what I did but try this. Choose automatic install then start the program again and chose manual install. This gives you a code to send off and you get an activation code in return which is different to the one returned by the automatic install method. Start the program again and chose automatic install again and when its gets to the section where you type in the code use the manual install code received. Switch the phone off and on again and it should now work. I may be getting my manual and automatic installs mixed up so try reversing the process if it doesn't work.
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