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  1. Moko 1

    Biggest Memory Card Size?

    Thanks for the advice, the one tricky part of using file explorer on the Storage card is that unless you go to the settings and tick show hidden files & folders the MSMEDATA & DRM folders don't show up when you search the card. As soon as I discovered this the files showed up immediately and I could delete them fine & soft reset the phone. Windows Media Player then found & added the files without any problems and now everything works fine. Does anybody know if this is a problem that will keep recurring, or is it a one off?
  2. Moko 1

    Biggest Memory Card Size?

    I have a 2GB mini SD card but for some reason lately windows media player won't find the music stored on the card. If I use file explorer and find the tracks stored on the card & open them they will play one at a time, but the Libary section on the player won't even recongnise a card is there at all. Has anybody else had this problem with cards, and anyways to get it working properly again?
  3. Moko 1

    Orange Problems

    Tried changing the setting for sending from smtp.orange.net to your suggestion smtp.orange.co.uk but still did not send. But got different message from the usual message cannot be downloaded check settings one, to timed out please try resending. Another ideas?
  4. I have a couple of annoying problems with my M3100 on Orange and wondered if anyone had any ideas of how to solve them. 1. My phone can receive emails, but cannot send them...this has been going on since Orange replaced my phone after it was stolen so it could be at Orange's end but after waiting for 10 days for their Tech people to come up with an idea other than doing a Hard reset (which didn't work) I thought I would ask you guys? Its not the settings as both email accounts have the same problem & they can both recieve so what can it be? 2. I have to turn flight mode on & off a lot due to having a dual SIM for the car phone, turning on flight mode takes just one push on the Comm screen but turning the phone always takes 2 attempts before it reconnects, anyone have an idea how to sort this one? Thanks in advance for any suggestions (well apart from moving to T-mobile!)
  5. Moko 1

    m600 and voice commander

    I saw somewhere there is now a Microsoft Voice Commander for WM5 phones, but from the brief searching I did it only seemed to be available in the US. On my old M500 I had the previous Voice Command UK Version and it worked perfectly, you could control everything including the media player which was great and make calls just by pushing a button and saying the name (no voice tags). The only downside was when a call came in it spoke the name out loud, so no denying who that last call was from when the phone has just shouted out their name!!
  6. Moko 1

    Japan Useage

    Well I took my M600 and guess what it did'nt work, so for any body else wondering it definetly does not work in Japan. In answer to your other questions I went all over Nara, Kyoto, Kanaswa, Hiroshima and Miyajima and yes it is an amazing place I love it there.
  7. I have an Orange M600 and when people call me it takes over 1 min to divert to the answerphone service which I feel is far too long. Apparently a lot of callers give up before ever getting to voicemail. Does anyone know how to change the setting for how long it takes to be diverted to voicemail? Ideally about 30 secs would be about right, as it gives me time to answer the phone if I need to or to ignore it if I choose?
  8. Does anyone know if M600 will work in Japan, and if so is it better to buy a local pay as you go SIM card? One for you international business guys out there!
  9. Been trying to talk with my brother who also has an M600, and the problem we both have is that the sound seems to becoming through the speaker phone rather than the usual phone setting and is distorting. If we phone from M600 to computer using headset the sound is fine, but M600 to M600 it is terrible. Is there someway to set Skype to not use the speaker phone setting? Also do you guys find it better to use the echo cancellation setting, or not? Thanks for any info.
  10. Moko 1

    Skype Costs

    Would Edge be quick enough, not that I have ever seen the little E symbol come up even in central London?
  11. Moko 1

    Skype Costs

    Does anybody know how much it would cost to make a call using Skype connecting through Orange GPRS? I do a lot of travelling both in UK & abroad and using skype would make a lot of sense but the question is would it be cheaper to connect using Orange GPRS than using the standard orange mobile rate, or paying for a WiFi connection in the hotel/cafe? Anybody who has experience of this I would be most greatful to hear from.
  12. Moko 1

    POP3 Email - GPRS/WiFi

    I'm a bit new at this sort of thing, but when you say enter smtp.tesco.net/smtp.orange.net do you mean type in exactly as above or do you mean type in say smtp/tesco.net if you want to use WiFi, and only smtp.orange.net if you want to use GPRS? I am sure when I first set up my phone it would send & get emails using both GPRS & WiFi with out changing accounts, unfortunately I had to do a hard reset and lost all the settings I had and I can't seem to get it back to its previous state. Thanks for any info.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks the program works great and is really easy to set up & get working, even for a non techie like me. :D
  14. Does anybody know a simple button push that can put my phone into flight mode (and turn it back off again)? For a long and boring reason I have to put my phone into Flight mode a lot, and trying to get this to work by tapping the signal strength meter at the top of my screen is a hit & miss affair. So what I am looking for is a full proof way to easily turn the flight mode on & off. Look forward to hearing from you experts
  15. Is it possible to pick an earlier date to restore the phone to when you push the restore button in Active sync, or does it just restore the phone to the state it was in at the last backup? I accidentally opened the voice dial cab that I spent ages getting rid, using the hard reset/soft reset trick and was wondering if I could pick a restore point before I made this mistake and return the phone to how I liked it.

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