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  1. burnsnet

    WM6.1 available on HTC site

    I've taken the plunge and all is well EXCEPT for the GPS... I've got the full version of TomTom 6.x on my device and it just doesn't see the GPS; the only GPS options I hace are: - Other NMEA GPS receiver TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver TomTom Wired GPS receiver Other Bluetooth GPS receiver I've tried 'Other NMEA GPS receiver' and 'Other Bluetooth GPS receiver' using COM4 and baud rate of 4800 but no joy - any help would be greatly appreciated! I used to have an option for an 'Internal GPS' but this doesn't exist... :D Thanks in advance! James
  2. Thanks Paul Anyway to add 'full' TouchFLO to the version 6.1 ROM? Cheers James
  3. Hi Can you help me...? I've got an HTC branded TyTn II and I want to uprade to the latest ROM (version 6.1). I was told that the new ROM has the TouchFLO interface built in - is that correct? Also, what do I actually need to download to make this seemless (there are two ROMS - the one in this thread and the other in this thread [TLR Kaiser 21.05.08])? Finally, how do I backup mu current content (Contacts, Notes, Word Docs etc). Thanks for your help in advance? Cheers James BURNSNET
  4. Thanks for trying - it's very much appreciated! James
  5. burnsnet

    Ad Free and MoDaCo Plus?

    Hi Paul Do we use the same link for renewals? Thanks James
  6. Hi Paul Did you get anywhere with eXpansys with this? Thanks James
  7. Thanks Paul, very much appreciated... James
  8. Hi Quick question... I thought the MoDaCo deal was supposed to be the SAME price as the regular TyTN II - the MoDaCo offer is now £25.53 + VAT more expensive!!! ;) ...and I was just about to order too :-( Paul - anychance you could get this clarified please? Thanks Burnsnet
  9. burnsnet

    Black Shadow & Tmobile

    Just checking... All I need is the new ROM and your CAB and I'm all set to go - is that right? Thanks
  10. burnsnet

    WM6 Upgrade question

    Thanks... where do I get Mr Vanx's guide from? Thanks :rolleyes:
  11. burnsnet

    WM6 Upgrade question

    Is there a guide on how to move my T-Mob WM5 to WM6? If so could somebody PM me and put me on the right route? Is it worth doing or is the concensus to wait for the Official T-Mob ROM if and when its released - does anybody know? Thanks Burnsnet :rolleyes:
  12. burnsnet

    Vario II freezes on T-Mobile 3G

    I too am suffering from this problem and I have to reboot my phone at least 3 times a day. I've lived with it up until know (since Nov 2006) but I'm beginning to get a bit frustrated about things. Incidentally I do have a genuine San Disk 2GB memory card in my phone and I've tried the phone with and without the card all with no difference. How do I contact T-Mobile i.e. what number do I dial from my handset as I'd like to get this sorted, if possible?!? Thanks James
  13. Hi The C600 Upgrade for my wife arrived yesterday (ordered on 19th Dec). I paid nothing for the upgarde ;) and so far my wife is very happy indeed!!! I'm just waiting for the M3000 and then I'll be happy too! Cheers James
  14. Hi Paul I have an ISV Empower Subscription which gives me a Universal Subscription for £265/year... I have in writing from MSDN that we'd get the Team Developer Edition but it now seems that this may not :evil: be the case! I'm on the phone to MSDN now and hopefully something will be sorted - I need the Unit Testing etc... I'm just pleased I got it in writing - fingers crossed :roll: Thanks Burnsnet
  15. Hi What version of VS2005 are you downloading...? I only see the Pro version at the moment - I want the Team Developer Version :-( Thanks Burnsnet

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