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  1. Thanks guys for developing this great tool!!! :P Unlocked my old Orange spv 500 in about a minute, now on a pay go O2. Going to do my c600 later. (lol I am still a newbie, been around since 2003, I really must post more....... ;)
  2. Msn messenger does not connect on mine. The guy at the Orange shop said that MSN does not work on the phone. I take it he was wrong..... :roll:
  3. Been after this for sooo long, can't wait for teh latest update to it..
  4. Ooops, finally managed to find a post that mentions it...
  5. Hi, It would be cool if someone could work out how to get the led to flash whenever a message is waiting to be read. Lots of reasons for this...... :wink:
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