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  1. I have the slider all the way on the left for max performance and it still doesnt do anything. Is there a walk through posted somewhere showing all the settings needed on the phone and router? Thanks!!
  2. hi all. i just got a cingular 8525 and im having trouble connecting to my home wireless network. after about 40mins on the phone w/ cingular they said that i need to adjust my router settings. Hmm im pretty sure my router settings are fine as i can connect fine with my other 2 laptops with wifi. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!
  3. well good news. i called my serrvice provider and told them my situation. since my phone was still under its 1 year warranty, i get a brand new phone! :o
  4. how exactly do i check for a ROM update? i cant even get to the main screen and perform any functions. once i turn the on, the first screen that shows up is the audiovox screen which appears for like 10-15 seconds, then the next screen is the "windows mobile" screen. thats the furthest this phone is going. inorder to turn it off, i have to take the battery out.
  5. im having difficutly with my smt5600. I was playing a game on the phone and it froze. none of the buttons worked so i took the battery out then turned the phone back on. it took a good 3-4 minutes then it goes to a screen that says "reconfiguring phone for cold reboot" or something similar to that, i cant exactly remember. then it asks me to hit a button so the phone can restart. ok, I do that then while starting up, the phone never goes past the "Windows Mobile" screen. Its as if the phone freezes or someting everytime that screen shows up. Someone PLEASE HELP, getting very frustrated. ](*,)
  6. hey guys, its probably a dumb question :| but i cant seem to figure out how to save .cab files to my smt5600. im still trying to figure everything out on this phone, im a little new at this kinda stuff. i save the files to my computer, then try to copy the files into my phone and that doesnt seem to work. many thanks, eric
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