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  1. I would like to know if there are SDA2 users at all who have TomTom running on their phones. I read the same problem in another forum. Any other SDA2 users in da house?
  2. I was hoping that 5.2 would fix the problem of the power management settings but I'm still experience that after using TomTom the settings are set to never. Any solutions for that?
  3. Link is working but program does nothing. Installed on Storage Card where TT is also. [edit] It does something more but it doesn't reboot, it starts TT directly, and after that keeps hanging on the green f*cked up TT screen. Pressing the red phone button gives an error message: Failed to set LogicalPixelsX value, ret 5, last 120 pressing ok gives Failed to set LogicalPixelsY value, ret 5, last 120 pressing ok exits program / error messages. any ideas? [edit 2] It works! Great! Basicly had the same problem as sharkfinger and followed the same route to my solution ;)
  4. I have mine 550 for a few months now and I'm quite dissapointed. I totally agree with TS. Very few apps run normal on the phone, every app I run crashes often and the fact that I should 'downgrade' the phone to run TT5 just doesn't make sense. Why did I bought a QVGA in the first place then?
  5. Are you close to a TomTom source? If so could you let least tell if they are working on it? ...just wondering
  6. Just to let you know I have the same problems on my XP Pro SP2 system. :cry:
  7. Mapopolis works without screenhacks. TomTom works with screenhack. no other products tested yet
  8. You could use Betaplayer instead, plays everything including mp3 http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/about HTH [edit] Whats that orange music player anyway? I only see WMP10?
  9. The dude of Kleinweder has made some homescreens for the 550, maybe you can email him and ask how he did it.. please let us know :)
  10. fingers crossed! :) there are more dutch and german sites that sell the phone, so if this is not going to work out maybe I have other options for you.
  11. I tried to move the text and even tried to applied a theme, which you can select via start > 5 > 6 > menu > 7 > 3 but nothing seems to work.. can you explain how you managed to get the incoming call displayed correctly?
  12. Could you tell me what exactly you have used for settings to get the GPS working? I have an Adapt BT GPS and tried everything (I think) to get the thing working with Mapopolis on my C550. Mapopolis just won't find the GPS, even when I selected a com port in Mapopolis the program says "Searching Com0" and stays that way. The GPS itself is fine, works great with TTM5 on a C500. Any suggestions would be welcome!
  13. And there is another way to add an mp3 as ringtone, when viewing in thumbnail mode (you first have to open an image file) you can select an mp3 and set it as ringtone, it will then be copied to the storage/app data/sounds folder.
  14. It's easy to remove the simlock yourself, see other topics in this forum. You can get one for € 359.00 from the dutch site http://www.smartphonestunts.nl/index.php?tid=48 that's with a Mini SD kaart 512 MB + free headset! ..no I'm not affiliated with that site :) I only wished I had bought mine there and not in a orange shop :(
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