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  1. @Menneisyys I would like to try this to get my HTC Breeze working with my Tomtom Go 910. See: http://www.modaco.com/Bluetooth-data-connection-t258421.html 1. Is that a good idea? 2. If it doesn't work, can I simply remove the registry entries and remove the files from the windows directory? Thanks
  2. As I have WM5, I haven't read it in detail. I suppose you should follow the instructions given on the forum and if anything is unclear, ask your question there... Good luck! PS. Would be nice to know if your problem is solved!
  3. I know there is a solution for WM6 phones: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=314371 But I have neither found a solution for WM5, nor an upgrade to WM6 for the Breeze. So, I am waiting for Tomtom to catch up with their software development, or for a WM5 version of the WM6_DUN.zip file as found in the a.m. thread, or for an upgrade to WM6 for the Breeze - whichever comes first. So, if anyone can help me find one of these, I would be quite thankful!
  4. OK, I just found out that my phone does NOT have the "old" ROM version. So I seem to have PAN instead of DUN.... I suppose that will not work in combination with TomTom unless they decide to update/upgrade their software to enable connections through PAN...
  5. I've recently switched from SPV C600 to HTC Mteor. Now, when I connect to TomTom Go 910 via bluetooth, TomTom says that it can only make a telephone connection and no data connection, because my device doesn't support DUN. However, according to the specs and the HTC support desk it does have DUN. Anybody know how to solve this? Thanks PS. I've already reset both devices and tried again....
  6. PS. When I check now (In the Netherlands - connected to KPN network) I can see "all" providers. It's only when I am abroad that I seems to be stuck with some Orange setting somewhere, that limits my provider selections.
  7. I agree! But I can't.... Example: I drove to Belgium with a colleage. I got an sms from KPN that I should switch to Base to get upto 40% lower rates. However, I was automatically connected to Orange and could not manually select any other then Orange / Proximus (I think). However, my colleage was connected through the Base network and my phone didn't even detect it!
  8. I have an unlocked spv c600 and have recently switched providers (Orange to KPN) Everything OK, except when I go abroad. Due to the preset network providers in my C600, I automatically switch to Orange or one of their affiliates abroad. I've tried to manually search for other providers, but some setting seems to limit the list of providers to Orange and their affiliates. Does anyone know how to change / delete this limitation? Thanks!
  9. Kan iemand mij vertellen (of doorverwijzen naar een topic hierover) hoe ik hier vanaf kom: Ben sinds kort overgestapt van Orange naar KPN en heb mijn C600 gehouden (Unlocked) Alleen als ik nu in het buitenland kom en ik wil een provider kiezen, dan zit ik vast aan de door Orange gemaakte selectie van providers. Voorbeeld België - Krijg sms van KPN dat ik 40% goedkoper bel met Base - mijn collega ontvangt wel signaal van Base - ik kan dat hele Base niet vinden. Mijn C600 verbind in het buitenland bovendien wel erg graag met Orange -Waar kan ik dat veranderen? Dank!
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