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  1. Hi When making phone calls I press my ear on to the touch screen which seems to still be fully active and I launch all sorts of random applications. Is there a way or a bit of software that will stop the touch screen working or am I the only person who has this problem. nice
  2. Hi guys I have some TV programs on divx for watching on my television and I have moved them to my sd card and when I watch them on my touch hd they are a little jumpy, i suppose cause they are large file with lots of pixels. I wondered what people reccomended to make them a little smaller with the right height and width. I do hane nero 9 but it doesn't seem to give any useful options. Is there a bit of software that allows me to re-code and get it all slick and quick Nice
  3. Haven't tried it yet but here is a link to some software called remote calendar that may work
  4. Forgot I already done this post as I was searching the forum to see if anybody had the same issues as me, turned out to be me. Anyone tried this yet
  5. I am using a SPV C550 and it is the first phone since 1995 that I haven't immediately swapped when my contract ended. I think it has been brilliant but I want to start thinking about my next phone. I may hold on to it until the next super dooper SPV comes out and Iwondered if anyone had heard any rumours about new phones coming out in the future. The C700 looks cool but has no WiFi, and comes with a piddly 1.3mp camera (what I want is 3.2mp!!!! :D ). It may sound like I want everything on a stick but why the hell not. I want games, tom tom, mp3 player, movie player, camera, great calendar and contacts and heck I may even want to make phone calls as well!! Any news on the horizon about a phone the does the full monty nice
  6. I have just started to use Google Calendar instead of Outlook and within Google Calendar there is a link to the .ics file I wondered if there was any software out there where I could just press Sync and my phone would connect up and sync with the .ics file Anybody tried it?? Nice
  7. My C550 is starting to die and I am in the process of getting a replacement. If it was a windows PC I could make a duplicate copy of the harddrvie and the new PC would be a clone of the original. Could I do this with a phone or is the IMEI number going to piss me off and I might as well load everything from scratch? cheers
  8. Hi people!! I would like to install this button mapping function and wanted to find out a few things before buggering around with my phone. I installed tom tom on my 550 and I had to get it unlocked. Orange sent me a file which i stuck on my phone which gives me an option called Orange security levels. Is this good enough for the TCPMP player button mapping function or do I still need the SDA unlocker. The only other question is really your experience. I normally listen to audio through WMP and watch films through beta player (obviously i need to upgrade my player). Are you saying that TCPMP is the don for all media?? While on the forum I would also like to say, I have had a new phone every year since 97 when I got a c550 and my mate stuck Star Wars - New Hope on it. I realised not only that the c550 was a great phone (i now the joystick is shite) but we had reached a civilised level of technology so that wherever I was on the planet I could get a Wars fix, now thats progress!!!!
  9. At last I have found something that works (ebay item number: 5860975646 ) it allows me to plug in my headphones and has a microphone. Just amke sure on the picture the 2.5mm jack plug is 4 pole nice
  10. Bought one of the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter with mic (ebay No: 5861408529), doesn't work :evil: . Why does no one make any products for the C550.
  11. mitman, old buddy can you give me the sale link so I can check this out, if not can you give me at least the name of the seller or even an approriate search term. That is what I have been looking for. Nice
  12. I have one of those 2.5mm to 3.5mm connections now thanks!! All i require now is a mono wired headphone for the car as I am using the bluetooth for tom tom sat nav (which is bloody brilliant by the way). I don't really want stereo as I am driving and really want to hear whats happening. Its a bit mad that all you used to be able to get is a mono wired headset and nowadays it is impossible. Just wanted to add the following emails between me and those bunch of arses at Planctronics. I have bought one of the MX100 which obviously doesn't work because they use 3 pole 2.5mm instead of a 4pole (cheap gits), and wanted to share my little email tennis session with you Discussion Thread Customer (David Homfray) 01/26/2006 10:36 AM I am looking for a mono wired headset from my orange SPV C550 (also called HTC Hurricane, iMate SP5m, Qtek 8200 and T-Mobile SDA Music 2). I wondered if the mx100 would work for this handset. I hope it does I have a bluetooth GPS for the car and therefore want a wired mono headset to recive calls regards dave ______________________________________________________________________ Response (Graham) 01/26/2006 04:10 PM David, We don't currently have any info on that phone. If it's blue tooth version 1.2 or 2.0, and has either a hands free or headst profile it should work. Auto-Response (Graham) 01/26/2006 10:36 AM Suggested Answers displayed _____________________________________________________________________- Customer (David Homfray) 01/31/2006 01:00 AM I suppose I couldn't get the connections for your MX100. I have purchased one now and on the picture it shows a 4 pole 2.5mm jack plug and in reality it is a 3 pole jack plug, your products are really good but I hope you will be more careful with the pictures as I bought on based upon the picture. could you tell me what the poles are. so I can build a adapter as no one seems to make it. | 1 2 3 |----|--|-\ |----|--|-/ | Is it 1) Ground 2) Mic / Switch 3) Right or Left Audio (or is it left and right) I have an Orange SPV C550 so I need a 2.5mm 3 pole jack socket (for your plug to go in) going to a 2.5mm 4 pole jack plug to go in to the phone the connections for the C550 is | 1 2 3 4 |----|--|--|-\ |----|--|--|-/ | Is 1) Ground 2) Mic / Switch 3) right 4) left I do hope you can help me regards dave _____________________________________________________________________ Response (Graham) 01/31/2006 03:16 PM David, The information you are requesting is restricted by Plantronics and we are unable to provide that information for you. ____________________________________________________________________ Customer (David Homfray) 02/01/2006 12:50 AM brilliant. You been a great help. Must be vitaly important for you to keep that information secret. I shouldn't even need to be looking into changing the connector if you just spent an extra $0.01 on a 4 pole connector instead of a 3. Its funny when ever I deal with a big company like you, it only ever disapoints
  13. I have just purchased one from ebay when I have the phones in when I receive a call I have to remove the headphones which is a bit annoying. What I wondered was anyone got any experience of the plantronics MX100 does it work with C550? nice
  14. I hate the headphones included with the C550 and would really like to find an adapter which I could plug my normal headphones in. I wondered if anybody knew anywhere where I could buy one. Obviously what would be the coolest is if the adapter also contained the microphone and the talk button and all it required was for you to plug in your headphones and then you could still use it as handsfree. If nobody has made thios type of adapter for the C550 and you would like to knick this idea then by all means please manufacture the product and I will happily buy one. Can you hurry up though as I would like to listen to the new New Scientist podcast on my phone ;) Any ideas where I could buy this would be brilliant. I am UK based although I don't think that is relevant anymore with post Nice
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