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  1. aakash_007

    Magneto Vista

  2. aakash_007

    i300 Not Finding HDD

    OMG my phone was running well till now i too get this "can't find any disks in format tool " there is no hardisk on PC too. even flashed a new ROM version still same problem , somebody please help me get my HD back on phone as my warranty has expired. i300 is the worst phone ever i have seen with no WM5/speaker phone/ no avi recording and many other hardisk issues.
  3. aakash_007

    Flashing the i300?

    is that a WM5 rom ?
  4. http://www.gsmhosting.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=338815 on page 1 a guy named GIMZA has got a WM5 ,i300
  5. aakash_007

    Format user memory?

    to hard reset press 0 while power on... this won't format the hard disk though
  6. aakash_007

    Not able to format my i300 HD

    updated the ROM and formated again . now works fine...
  7. I just got a new i300 transfered loads of songs to its HD. But now the phone hangs when i play a song. I m even unable to format the phone HD, both by windows and built in format tool. if i delete the files manually i get them back. any suggestions how to format it now ? will a hardreset format the HD ?
  8. aakash_007

    The 'my first post' topic [merged]

    hi to all from India,....

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