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  1. On line at a massive and seriously ridiculous £39.99 !
  2. Hi, You could try sipgate.co.uk and http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applica...ector_esqt.html It's not free and I've not tried it from the vega, might work for you Thanks, W
  3. Hi All, I've just got my LG Optimus One on Orange. Wondered if someone had managed to unlock and had any recommendations of where and how. Happy to pay cash, but can't find any instructions. Thanks, Wraggy
  4. 1) The question is why? Why do you stick with Windows Mobile? Company uses Lotus Notes and supports only Lotus Notes Traveler for over the air push mail (windows mobile only), although with Domino 8.5.1 IBM/Lotus support exchange activesync push e-Mail (not sure which platform other than iPhone is supported yet) and it's not implemented yet in my company... so I'm stuck with winmo! 2) What feature(s) make you stick with Windows Mobile? Nothing - hateful operating system - sorry to all the fans, I fully understand the flexibility, but I just upgraded to 6.5 on an OMNIA II (can't move off a stock ROM otherwise my device wouldn't meet corporate guidelines and I'd have my access removed) and it's pants, can't event surf the web and have the radio on, without it running out of memory and closing the radio, ok it may be a bad Samsung implementation, but seriously! 3) What deters you from other Mobile OS devices? Can't get my push e-Mail/Calendar see point 1 Did that help...?
  5. Folks, Is this just me ? I phoned Samsung (they're going to call me back!) and have posted on there support forums, but I wondered if it's just me having this issue... It's a stock 2GB Omnia 2 on Vodafone in the UK. XXII9. The calendar widget displays the incorrect time for appointments or wrong information. If you look at the screen shots you will see that the appointment is for 13:00 - 14:00 and is correct in both the Samsung Agenda Application and the Base Microsoft Windows Calander application, but wrong in the TouchWiz II widget. Feedback welcomed... thanks.
  6. Without wanting to upset anyone, having bought an Omnia on Vodafone 12 months ago on an 18 month contract, I will never buy another Samsung phone again. It's been plagued with problems and Vodafone unceremoniously dropped it. It may be the ROM or it may be the phone, but I'm not risking my hard earned cash on another Samsung, now there's little "official" support and no (slight) chance of any upgrade to it...
  7. Start -> Settings -> System -> Power-> Calling -> Uncheck "Turn off LCD after call has been connected for", seems to stop it, as a workaround... well it does for me on vodafone rom. Sorry for the slow response.
  8. Yes... been back to Vodafone 3 times now, they don't believe its a problem (or can't recreate it), phone comes flashed with the same ROM everytime "tested and working"... which of course it's not! Only ever lets me down when I really need it! V. Annoying! :)
  9. XTNDConnect PC Desktop Synchronization works... details XTNDConnecthere
  10. Mine does the same but on the UP, let me know if they agree to swap it and I may see they'll fix mine too.. Have to say it's bl**dy annoying...
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