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  1. savvase

    Samsung Galaxy S Problems

    I have EXACTLY the same problem i am using windows 7 professional 64bit can anyone help solve this annoying problem? ;)
  2. savvase

    Questions about HP IPAQ 610

    Is there anyway to disable or remove ipaq dataconnect so it wont mess up my settings?
  3. savvase

    Questions about HP IPAQ 610

    I have an HP ipaq 614c and i cant connect to gprs.My settings are correct and my SIM card is ok and still i cant connect can anyone please help me? Thanks
  4. I am thinking of buying ASUS P525 but I have a couple of questions if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. My first question is where I can download the latest English rom I have search asus.com but I can only find the French one. And second does anyone know which AKU is P525 uses? Thanks.
  5. When the battery level of the i300 drops below 20% then the HDD is disengaged end is no longer accessible so there must be some registry Tweak involved and I was wondering if someone or the people at tweaks2k2.com could come up with a simple program or a registry tweak to manually turn on/off the HDD in order to maximize the battery life what do you thing?
  6. savvase

    Right Menu

    Has anyone installed right menu on the Samsung i300? Because I can’t get it to work I always get the same error “Error opening the shortcut or locating the target filename” I tried contacting the developer but no response.

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