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  1. One other thing I'd throw into the mix is to make sure that your passphrase is alphanumeric. Special characters can really cause issues in the WiFi world!
  2. you need PShutXP free and will do what you want! :wacko:
  3. it certainly can with just push email you should easily last a day.
  4. I get just over a day with Direct Push, BT on, 3-4 calls, checking three other POP3 accounts and listening to music for around an hour and GPS on the way home. Bottom line is that BT seems to hammer the device. HSDPA is switched on the Touch Plus's by default and you have to find a copy of HSDPASwitch.exe to disable it and that can also hammer the device. There are tweaks on devs here that can help too.
  5. Has anyone compared the Dual to other sliders? My partner's Samsung G800 waggles more than the Dual and Samsung are experts in the slider market. I really think that people look for issues sometimes and us PDA geeks rarely use sliders so maybe this is normal for a slider?
  6. Whereabouts in Reigate? I thought I saw it in the Woodhatch area end of last year but never again since.
  7. I have to agree. WiFi isn't important (To me), I have a keychain BT GPS unit, bought a signal booster for £1 to up my signal at home and have applied the battery savings tweaks from XDA-Devs. It beats the Kaiser for me, although the Kaiser is still my work device.
  8. The issue that I find is that 3 simply don't have the customer services/sales knowledge to make this sevrice work. I now have bought the £10 per month option on a business tarrif and it's far more difficult than it would be if I was a consumer. Technical services are an 0870 number and the data tracking software is pants. Having said that, the service does work - but methinks it's ripe for a takeover.
  9. Neither did I, but on the Kaiser and Niki they are both more responsive after installing the software. Bizzare and it may be me! :shock:
  10. Sound like the experience I have had, there's a slight waggle on the X-axis but apart from that it's rock solid. Have you tried installing Coreplayer 1.1.3 yet? I found that it speeds the device up a bit (Could be my imagination though!)
  11. Well 4Winmobile have reviewed the Orbit 2 now. To me, it depends what you want/need. The Dual without a decent data package is a waste of time IMHO due to the lack of WiFi (Luckily I have decent data package). I'm now being cajoled into doing a review of the Touch Plus for 4Winmobile so will expect to have it done within the next two weeks. To me, however, I'd say if you want a phone rather than a communication device, and have a good data plan, go for the Plus/Dual due to the size; if having GPS is more important or you have a poor data plan then look towards the Orbit 2/Cruise.
  12. I agree, when I said phone to leave I meant take the option to leave T-Mobile, as for your PAC straight away and that sets the tone for the rest of conversation....! :)
  13. Got mine today and well chuffed. Just the way a phone should be! :D
  14. Phone to leave and the muppet on C/S who's obviously having a bad day will be a bad dream! Stay calm though! :D
  15. Got mine swapped today from a faulty Touch 256Mb. Cost £50 but worth it if as good as Paul says.
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