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  1. How about the same as (from Ebuyer) above but with: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450e 2.3GHz Socket AM2 Retail Boxed Processor Kingston 2gb Kit (2x1gb) Ddr2 800mhz/pc2-6400 Hyperx Memory Non-ecc Cl4 Foxconn A6VMX AMD 690V Socket AM2 onboard VGA 6 channel audio mATX Motherboard... for £154inc vat Or AMD Sempron LE-1200 Socket AM2 2.1GHz Retail Boxed Processor for £135...
  2. I have this problem - have you found a solution? I used the note program to see where the pouch touches the screen and it does vary - although one side is worse tha n the other.
  3. I have a problem where the part of the contacts scroll through all of the options (such as or etc) continously without me being able to stop it. Eventually it will stop, and the phone will 'catch-up' with all of my button pressing causing the phone to do something I didn't want to do. Normally I would press the left or right keys to scroll the number options when looking at my contacts, but occasionally they scroll really fast without me pressing anything. I can't seem to replicate it easily! So for example, if I press the 'call' button, I get a list of previously phoned contacts. To the right of the contact shows you which telephone number it is - such as mobile or home etc. If I press the right arrow key once the phone will scroll through all of the available options really quickly. None of the other buttons or touch screen work when it is doing this! Although it does remember each key press. Can someone help/had the same issue?
  4. I use Nero 7 to encode to Nero's own version of mp4 (Nero Digital Video - or something?). I select option for portable (there are options for mobile, cinema, HD etc...) I also crop the sides of the video so that I get more picture on the screen (usually by 80 pixels either side dependant on the source video - and whether it is wide screen!!!) But thats it - very simple... A 45min video usually uses about 170mb, but is absolutely perfect - no stutter or slow frame updates etc. Audio is also very good - stereo etc. This works fine in Windows Media Player 10 Mobile - which is installed on my Black Majik ROM I have installed. Not sure whether there is a anything special added to the Black ROM or not for Nero digital mp4?? In the past I have tried WMV via Windows Movie Maker, but no luck - never seem to get reliable playback. Hope this helps?
  5. If you use wifi, or through your activesync connection, you have to use your broadband providers smtp configuration instead. For instance, I have Sky broadband, therefore I use smtp.sky.com. (if you have Orange braodband then it should already work!?) This does mean if you have an orange email account, and still want to send email via GPRS/3G you have to create 2 accounts on your phone - one called "Orange" (which uses the smtp.orange.net) and one called "Sky" - or "Tiscali" /other etc... And use their smtp configuration... (smtp.sky.com). BUT make sure you put your orange email address in the sky/other email account - therefore it will appear that it has been sent from your orange email account - all replys will go to your orange email etc... and not sky/other. With the the Orange account you can recieve email via wifi, activesync and GPRS/3G but only send through GPRS/3G. I haven't found any other way of setting the phone up so that it can detect which connection I am using and use a different smtp server. So unless anyone else can solve this, I think this is your only option. The sky accoutn will use your username and password for that email and not orange. I also use the incomming mail from sky and not orange. Hope this helps...
  6. Ok, tried emoze, didn't like it, removed it (from both PC and M3100). Re-sync'ed with my home PC... but... now have 2 email accounts - both with the same emails, one called "emoze" and one called "Outlook Email", where Outlook email is not listed in the account options anymore! Only emoze, plus the other acounts such as text and MMS (+ the others I have created). Can I delete the emoze account - and will the Outlook account re-appear? How do I get back to before I installed emoze!!!! I might add that emoze does work very well - very slick, I just didn't know that I had to leave my home PC running 24 hours a day...
  7. Thats strange, Orange had the same issue yesterday (with the same message) - GPRS not working. It would try and connect twice in quick succession before the message "Cannot connect for an unknown reason..." appears. It is now working (on Orange)...
  8. I've had the same problem - with my m3100 though... have you been able to solve it? It sends correctly through the GPRS/3G connection... I seem to be able to recieve emails, just not send...
  9. Orange CS told me not to wait for a phone call back - he said I might get one but it is probably best if I keep phoning. Sam
  10. I have the exact same firmware as you have (above). Goto settings, sounds, and then set Reminders, New email, New Sms message, new voice message etc... to any sound rather than none or vibrate - such as Orange_Remind. With my phone if I select 'none' my music will go very quiet for around 10 minutes, or until I recieve a call/or restart my phone. Good luck!!
  11. I've had this problem... but while playing files... do you have your text/calender alert sounds set to silent? If you have, set them back to a sound and it should solve the problem... See my post in the bugs section on the 2nd dec... http://www.modaco.com/C550_bug_list-t223674-s60.html Hope this helps...
  12. Yep, mines been fine since I reverted back to having sounds on sms and calander alerts... I assume it's ok with you... v. strange!
  13. I have not had any trouble with the speed of my music play back under Windows media player (also at 192kb/s), but I have had the music going very quiet when I have a text message or reminder. I have no problem looking at the text message and returning to media player, without the music being interupted, but it takes about 5-20minutes to return to normal volume. I am using the hifi cable rather than the supplied earphones. Can anyone help? To solve the problem I have to switch the phone on and off again. Update: I think I have worked out what the problem was... I had the text alert sound set to silent/none. Now that I have set it back to a particular sound, the music only goes to half volume for the period of the sound itself, rather than for 5-20 minutes. Hopefully anyway...
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