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  1. hello all, ..oh right, so it IS true what they say... quantity over quality ! :) vee
  2. hello all, ..to cut a long and tedious story short... forget about the orange customer service department, their accessory department and their 'business' department (which is closed at weekends, yet businesses operate 24/7)... they're all shite ! i bought an in-car charger from the T-MOBILE shop. plenty in stock, helpful and pleasant staff... and she wasn't bad looking either, which was a bonus ! if the htc blue angel is available on all the four major networks in the uk, why do the other three manage to hold accessories for it, yet orange seems incapable of such stock control ? you think they're trying to suggest more spv m2000's are sold than the mda or xda variants ? vee
  3. hello all, er... anyone out there have much success in buying an in-car charger for the orange spv m2000 ? they DO make them yes ? i know the unit comes with two batteries, but i'm going camping in two weeks time and i'm not sure how i'll cope with no juice ? i've noticed on the orange website they make all the BT/data accessories readily available for this phone, but not a hint of any power lead. i realise this is classed as a 'business phone', but weren't they expecting businessmen/women to go camping ? ps. i'm not a businessman, but i often pretend i am !
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