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  1. here's a link to irish operator settings fo o2 vodafone and meteor it would be great if you could include these in your next update http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=106942
  2. go the code working. but i was hopeing you would have irish operator settings on there also no options in the dropdown menu work to setup my own setting or the button to connect and download new settings.
  3. hi i was just wondering if there is anyone here that has had a C550 in ireland and got the internet working on the meteor network. or if anyone here knows how to get it working i have the settings but just can't get them to work? settings given to me by meteor: MMS Settings : Default Display Name: MMS over GPRS service settings OTA Support: mms_gprs Url: http://mms.mymeteor.ie Url Type: mms_url Port: 9201 Bearer: gsm_gprs GPRS Accesspoint Name: mms.mymeteor.ie Network Override PIN: Profile Index: 0 Proxy: Proxy Type: ipv4 PPP Authentication Name: my GPRS Settings: Default Display Name: WAP GPRS service settings OTA Support: wap_gprs Url: http://wap.mymeteor.ie Url Type: url Port: 9201 Bearer: gsm_gprs GPRS Accesspoint Name: wap.mymeteor.ie Profile Index: 0 Proxy: PPP Authentication Name: my
  4. ok this might be a stupid question but i can't seem to figure out how to send files to other phones over bluetooth . can any one help?
  5. i just bought an orander spv550 of ebay and it has a device lock password on it does anyone know how to reset the phone while it is in device lock?
  6. the backlight on my ext lcd screen has stpped working is there an option to turn it in and off in the phone somewhere that i juat can't find or has it broken??
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