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  1. Got mine - great tip Paul. For the price, this is a great for the little un although he hasn't seen it yet! Always wanted to try a chromebook but with android apps coming, decided to wait for chromebooks with more storage etc. until I saw this offer. Tried the dev channel and Sky go does download and install (so at least it doesn't say it is incompatible like a lot of other apps) but crashes when attempting to start it. But there again the play store app crashes a lot of the time when trying to install something so hopefully when android apps on chromebooks become more stable, there will be hope!
  2. Looks great. Just one problem. I think my girlfriend would find it a lot easier to find an excuse for me to hand over my wallet while out shopping!
  3. I am also getting ads after login even though I have ad-free
  4. If there is one thing what winds me up about Google at the moment it is the lack of SD storage on Nexus phones and how they think they know best. I bought a Galaxy Nexus and love it apart from the 16GB of storage which I filled almost immediately. How can they expect anyone to manage on 8GB a year later??? I don't care what their "surveys" say, have they actually done a survey which only looks at previous Nexus owners? 32GB might have just about been acceptable a year later but with many games taking more than 1GB of space and users wanting to store music/video collections on devices, how could an 8GB phone even have been considered as a viable product? Have they not realized who actually buys Nexus phones?? Generally users who want a vanilla experience so they can root and customize their phone how they like and also know they are going to get the latest Android updates almost immediately. Naturally, because of this, they tend to be at least semi-power users who a) have enough brain cells to determine what is internal and what is external storage, b ) what happens when you remove a SD card and insert a new one. How is this complicated even for non power users? We all know what happens when we remove an SD card from a camera so make it obvious to an Android user what happens when they remove an SD card from a phone. Is Google not capable of making all this easier for the "standard" user? Maybe I should realize that the Nexus tablet shows that they are now aiming at a different user base and the standard "Nexus user" has changed. It is definitely time to move elsewhere.
  5. Arggh, added to basket, clicked "Place your order" and it then said it was sold out, looks like someone just beat me to the last one!
  6. I looked at whether to buy this and according to this fairly comprehensive review it is an ARM Cortex A9 (AML8726-M3) which is single core 1GHz? http://www.nikktech....howall=&start=4 I think I am going to wait a little while for the specs to improve on mini PCs although the UG802 is tempting
  7. I am on Orange and SMS/MMS both work fine for me using Kitchen baked ROM from a couple of days ago.
  8. Downloaded last night and so far has been great running with Franco. Is there any way to disable the auto rotation of the lock screen? It doesn't seem to take notice of "auto rotate" being unchecked in the screen settings and when attempting to unlock (using pattern unlock) at strange angles (don't ask!) I am sometimes moving the screen and it gets a little annoying when it suddenly switches to landscape
  9. I also had the phone and boot animation problems. The phone problem occurs when selecting the 'Google Phone/Contacts' option. Deselecting this will use the LG version which does work and I guess is ok until fixed.
  10. My data connection also seems to be much better after installing a ROM without the toggle 2G. I don't know if it was removing the toggle or simply a fresh install that has fixed it.
  11. This is a great ROM but I am also having the same problems as others with data connection dropping. I started with BB 622 and had the issue so changed to 725 and it still occurs on Orange UK. Every 2/3 hours I notice that data is no longer working and switching to flight mode and back fixes this most times but sometimes after switching flight mode off I can only get 2G when I have strong 3G signal here. Other times after toggling flight mode it will connect to 3G but then keep dropping the connection altogether (not just data). Sometimes only a reboot fixes it. Battery drain also seems to be back although I have installed the new hotmail app since I upgraded and have heard this could be using battery a lot.
  12. Maybe I spoke too soon, after 2 days of poor battery life, today I was down about 4% in 4 hours on standby with wifi accidentally left on, data on and gmail syncing and push email on but no use apart from this. Never had anything near as good as this, maybe the battery stats sorted themselves out after a couple of days. If this stays as it is, I will finally be happy with the battery life of this phone!
  13. I have just come back from a 2 week trip to USA and although I had data switched off, only sent a couple of sms a day, maybe a short phone call, using wifi over breakfast and 10min of gaming, the phone would last 3 days no problem on the AT&T network. Compared to what I was getting in UK, this was amazing! In UK I would just about last a day if I didn't use the phone much with all sync and exchange email switched off although data was on. Even switching to 2G in UK (I was only using 2G in USA) didn't help considerably. I get back to UK and see FR19 and hope my battery issues are going to be improved but again I am struggling to get a day out of the phone with hardly using it. When I see the small battery drain that some people are reporting, I just can't understand it. Anyone who has seen my previous posts will see that I have tested with no apps, no data etc. but still the same. So my next question is whether it is the network and something about this phone that doesn't like Orange? Maybe it only likes the frequencies other networks use? Anyone else on Orange having good battery life? I am tempted to put my work vodafone sim in there for a day to try it out although i currently don't have data enabled on that.
  14. Bad battery is unlikely I guess but I just don't understand how some people are getting really good battery life and others aren't with the same ROM. So far with default FR17 options and no apps, phone has gone down 4% in an hour where all i have been doing is checking the battery every 15min to see how far it has gone down. Actually, the dialer is much less than previously but probably need to leave on longer and I still don't think this is the main issue on my phone Going to test with some browsing in a bit but so far I am seeing exactly what I was seeing with FR16 with all my apps installed. EDIT: Browsing for 20min reduced battery by 9% which to me seems a little too much? Anyway, I guess I will try again to find a battery as I can't manage with just one at the moment if I am going to be doing moderate usage in a day. If anyone finds somewhere in UK selling genuine 2X batteries, let me know and I will then report back with how the new battery performs.
  15. Currently downloading FR17 with the default options selected. Going to wipe and install this with no apps installed and will try it out for a few hours. Has anyone thought that there might be some dodgy batteries around? Not sure how to check this apart from buying a new original battery and testing but can't find anywhere to buy one from.
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