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  1. I've not seen that one yet. Using WM6.1 since October and Exchange 2007 for it seems like forever. :) When I complete a task on the device, the "recurred" task has the new correct start date. Even after a sync.
  2. What keeps me hooked on it atm is all Exchange: Category sync, free/busy status, and tasks sync. If Apple implemented those I would likely jump ship at this point. The temptress is the availability of several key apps for the iPhone/iPod touch. Those apps are Evernote, eWallet, and Remember The Milk (in conjunction with MilkSync on the Windows Mobile end). Also, Freshbooks, Facebook, Brightkite, and (Delicious) Bookmarks, among many, many others. I suppose ListPro could be considered to be holding me to WM as well, although Ilium has stated that they are working on porting it over.
  3. ctmagnus

    TwitFaced...Twitter/Facebook Links

    Left scrollbar = browser window, right scrollbar = 320 px on a 240 px device.
  4. ctmagnus

    TwitFaced...Twitter/Facebook Links

    It gets kinda cut off and all scrollbar-y on square screens...
  5. ctmagnus

    New FREE Utility - NoData

    Just a guess, but is this hard-coded for QVGA? Adapt Your App :rolleyes:
  6. I'm looking for a clip from the Rose episode of Doctor Who, when Rose is in the basement of the department store that she works in, the mannequins are coming to life, and she asks "Is somebody mucking about?"
  7. ctmagnus

    Clock resetting

    Hmm... My JAMin's been doing the same thing lately. I had linked it to the installation of Spb Mobile shell, but a low backup battery is another alternative.
  8. ctmagnus

    Paul's must have FREE Hermes software

    I use phoneAlarm for profiles. I have the phone set to switch to the night profile at 11:30 p.m. every night, and it switches to the work profile whenever there's an appointment on my calendar with the work category.
  9. Two more: Dido___Isobel__Live__Intro.zip Bif_Naked___I_Love_Myself_Today_Intro.zip
  10. Here's my contribution: Garbage - Medication And I've got the intro to Dido's Isobel, from her Live DVD, here somewhere. Garbage___Medication.mp3
  11. Dude! You rock! :rolleyes: I've been looking for that version forever! :(
  12. Oh, and Pocket Informant 2007 as well. I like that one. I do. :D
  13. I concur. I also like Spb Time, except the current version displays 24 hour time in the digital clock view, whereas I prefer a 12 hour display.
  14. ctmagnus

    Paul's must have FREE Hermes software

    What, you don't have thumbs? :D I just hit the Start button, then the d-pad, then the Device unlocked Today item. Ta da, device is locked.
  15. ctmagnus

    Paul's must have FREE Hermes software

    Wait a few months... :D
  16. ctmagnus

    Paul's must have FREE Hermes software

    Ooh, Mountains! Thank you! I like mountains! (Warning: 1600x1200 image.)
  17. I got a Kensington 2GB SD card, unfortunately only 50X, but cheap as far as 2GB SD cards go in Canada. $50 during Dell Canada's last Dell's Days of Deals. I'm still on the lookout for a fast 4GB card that can be obtained here fairly easily.
  18. ctmagnus

    Clock / Single line today plugin

    It works only on the M3100? (3100 is a rather high number - I'd think that the carriers could come up with a better naming convention, otherwise we'll be dealing with model numbers in the eight-digit range soon :D ) And judging by the size of the download, is this just the registry hack to put the clock in the title bar, packaged up in a nice, tidy cab file?
  19. Excellent app! Thank you!
  20. gaplayer26: is the file not available at this point in time? I have recurring ISP issues, so I'm not sure if the fact that I can't access the file is on my end or your end. I managed to get my SMT5600 to initiate a Bluetooth ActiveSync, but I cannot get it to disconnect, short of going out of range or turning BT off on the phone. So any help that your much-hyped guide may provide is greatly appreciated!
  21. Reload Black + the C500 theme startup/shutdown screens = 8) !

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