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  1. I have it working in 3G areas too. It takes forever to initially find the satellites though. I sometimes have to get the error message and retry it before it works.
  2. Thanks dizzydave, Confucious and MadSci! The predictive text is really cool -- it works with the letters too.
  3. I can't seem to figure out how to set NUM LOCK on the BJII keypad when typing text messages / email. Is there a way to do this? Also, is there any automatic completion mode that completes the words you are typing? That would really help with all the messages I type on my BJII. Thanks for your help.
  4. This works great! I have it working with both USB and Bluetooth. Thanks! PS: My Comcast internet service has been down for three days now, and I have been surviving because of this feature!
  5. I have had this problem on and off with my BJII. The internet connection works sometimes, and then it stops working. The little 3G icon pops up over the battery for a couple of seconds, and then IE Mobile gives the error "the remote party has ended this connection." Once that happens, it is difficult to get the connection back, even after power-cycling the phone. I spent hours on the phone with AT&T tech support, and considered exchanging my phone for another. But it looks like I finally found a solution. I am posting here in case anyone else has this issue. There is a GPRS connection called AT&T IMS (under Settings->Connections->GPRS). This seemed incomplete to me. So I deleted it. Ever since I deleted this connection, I have never had the connection drop issue again. Now I have one GPRS connection called MediaNet, and that's it. I wish AT&T tech support had a clue about these things.
  6. Does KeyLock work for your always? On my BJII, it sometimes give an error on startup (cannot set keypad hook - 31 or something like that). At other times, it works fine. I can't seem to find a pattern / cause. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Who's they? And where? Sorry I'm being dense.
  8. I am getting the error on the phone when I click on hte Internet Sharing.lnk icon. I didn't even try doing anything from the computer yet. Normally I would have expected the Internet Sharing UI to come up on the phone -- but it didn't.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I don't see any cracks on the outside. I guess I will try it out in a friend's BJ1 and see.
  10. I guess that's useful for apps like TomTom. I've never really felt the need for a full-blown GPS with turn-by-turn directions, so haven't checked one out. The latter... no conversation style. May be the GMail mobile client has that, but it wasn't a big deal for me, so don't remember if it was there.
  11. I used to use the Internet Sharing link in the \Windows directory of my old BJ1 to connect my laptop to the internet. Now I tried it with my new BJII and I get an error saying "Unable to open the file. The system returned the error: 'File not Found.'" Is internet sharing not available in the BJII?
  12. You are right. GMaps and WLS show where you are, and the map continually moves as you drive. But no spoken directions or rerouting. I use the IMAP feature with the standard email client, and it works fine. I like to use one app for all my email, so I prefer this option to the GMail mobile app which I tried once.
  13. I have a 2GB MicroSD card that worked fine in my old BlackJack. I just got my BJII today and it doesn't recognize this card. It simply does not show a storage card. I restarted the phone, but no good. Anyone have this problem? Conversely, anyone successfully used an old 2GB MicroSD card in the BJII? I broke my BlackJack (which is why I bought the BJII) and the card was in the BlackJack when it went through that trauma. Don't know if the problem is with the card or the phone. I started looking for 4GB cards and noticed that the 4GB ones are style Micro SDHC... so wondering if the BJII has a new standard for MicroSD or something.
  14. I didn't have to give them any credit card number. If you sign up for the 1-week trial of "convert voicemail to text" service (I think they call it SimulScrive or something), then they might ask you for a credit card. I didn't sign up for that one.
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