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  1. @inandout901, I don't make ROMs for the Omnia anymore. Sorry, but I will not be able to help you.

  2. i need a rom for a i910 i have cricket service and my data keeps jumping off i have to keep connecting do you have a rom used for cricket or can you cook me one will pay thank you

  3. Credit given for this fantastic job of porting. :P http://www.mytabletlife.com/2011/02/08/del...honeycomb-port/
  4. Get the sbf file for 2.01 from here: http://alldroid.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=2424 Should get you up and running again. :(
  5. Here is a list of apps that I use on a daily basis. Some are commercial apps but most are free. ;) 1. Home++ - free home replacement app. Allows up to 7 screens, notification bar hiding, screen shot, and many other features. The developer is actively developing the program with updates almost every week. It is still considered beta but it works great. ;) Free 2. CalWidget - Calendar widget that has the ability to show both Gmail and corporate calendars either individually or at the same time. Has many different size widgets. Free 3. Beautiful Widgets - Flip clock and weather widget in one. looks like the SenseUI clock with weather. Has weather animations in the forecast screen. (unfortunately this app is no longer available due to a C&D from HTC) 4. Handcent SMS - SMS and MMS replacement program. Has many feature not in the stock messaging program. Will split long messages over 160 characters in to 2 messages or in to a MMS if it is longer. Has many great features. Free 5. Battery Status - Widget that will show battery status in percentage with a graphic level representation also. Can show an icon with battery percentage in the notification bar also. Tapping on the widget provides a popup with shortcuts to many settings allowing you to turn on or off many features. Free 6. MixZing - music app that will suggest other songs in your library based on what you are listening to. Free 7. Abduction World Attack - Fun little game that will occupy some time. Commercial 8. Dolphin Browser - Browser that provides tabs and pinch features. Great replacement for the default browser.
  6. 4. I'm using CalWidget for my calendar. It has the ability to see both Corporate and Gmail calendars on the Droid so I would think it would work on the Milestone. It is free on the market.
  7. What you did does not affect screen sensitivity. It changes the tap location. Here is the setting that I use on my Omnia (it comes in my ROMs too). 504,503 177,881 182,129 847,127 849,872.
  8. I think the easiest way is to sync with Google and then Google will sync it over. It should go both ways. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync
  9. Well, they are extremely close to loading the Nexus One ROM on the Droid. ;) I don't think it will be much longer before we see custom ROMs. Other things that can be done now is skinning. Screen shots can be done with Drocap2.
  10. Yes, that is a sacrifice. Not to much I can do about it and get the bigger buttons. Most of the other dialers that I have found that work on these builds with no scrollbar have broken features of some sort.
  11. It's the same dialer with fatter buttons and a different skin. So, I'm a bit confused at your statement (of course maybe I'm just confused ;) ).
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