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  1. Have a look on slatedroid, all sorts on there :)
  2. legolamb

    Buying devices direct from China

    Oh yeah I know what you mean about the "work" thing! Please let us know how you get on, hows the battery life?
  3. legolamb

    Buying devices direct from China

    How is the G3? can you give us some feedback when you've had time to play? there were some questions about 3g frequencies can you shed any light on that?
  4. Maybe a daft question, is there a circle battery mod that works on 2.3.4 Final simple, there is one on the 2.3 version. Just moved from GSF beta 9 so looking forward to seeing how things have moved on, Thanks for your work on this :)
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere it's law in some countries for a camera to click, who's going to know though eh :)
  6. Didn't know you could do that :D
  7. No prolems with that here, first try for CM7 for me, not really added anything to it yet but it seems stable enough after a day and a bits use, battery life when not on standby is scary though :D
  8. legolamb

    Swedish 2.2

    Glad to see it's not just me with the date thing, not sure the Phone was about then :lol:
  9. I got mine as a interim phone before I committed myself to a contract, but now I've got it I love the phone, managed to get a 12month contract sim with T-Mobile 600 mins 500 txt and 3G internet for £7.50 a month, I'll see what's about at the end of My 12 months.
  10. Know how you feel, I had to look all over the place (i.e. not on this site) before I found settings that worked with t-mobile. Just tried my settings with maps and it works fine name t-mobile internet APN general.t-mobile.uk username user password tm server http://mmsc.t-mobile.co.uk:8002 mms proxy mms port 8080 mcc 234 mnc 30 Authentication pap apn type default If I've not listed an option it's because it's not set. some of these settings may not be required as I was trying to get my MMS messaging working at the same time, I had to set a different apn to do that in the end. Let us know ow you get on
  11. legolamb

    Headphone jack issue

    It seems to be to do with the length of the jack plug, original ones have 4 sections and most standard ones have 3, I've tried 2 sets of 3 section ones and had no sound from one set and sound only when I held the others in place, I've since tried a pair of Sennheiser phones I bought for the other half's walkman and they work great, click into place and good sound and volume.
  12. I'd be more interested in an extended battery as long as it didn't increase the size of the phone significantly.
  13. legolamb

    froyo 2.2

    Well that's just great, I've just got it to how I like it and now it looks like I might have to start all over again. :D Nice one, fingers crossed. Think I've got chinese for Rosetta stone if that's any help :D
  14. Why shouldn't people who contribute get enhanced or preferential service? The fact that Paul is considering releasing his ROM for free would suggest his motives are far from milking the cash cow!! I wouldnt blame him for keeping it to contributors only with comments like yours, this site and paul's efforts are the reason I have this phone and rather than hassle him I'd just like to thank him for the time and effort he has put into this.
  15. legolamb

    Angry Birds

    Great game, Ta :)

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