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  1. first thanks for the tweak :) . very useful! as for your reg edit program you can get one here in the downloads section or atcoolsmartphone.com in their downloads section. good luck!
  2. thanks very much! it works finenow! ;) what causes that then? is it just a bug?
  3. hi hope you can help me. after some problems with homescreens i hard reset my phone (spv c550) and everything was working fine. then it decided it wasnt going to let me into the date and time menu and keeps coming up saying "error - the settings could not be opened" i dont want to reset my phone again as it took ages to re-install all my software, tones and set the phone up etc. any ideas? im desperate! :roll: :cry:
  4. ive just noticed the c550 in the picture on your message has a black casing on it. are these available any where? ar they hard to fit?
  5. thanks for that guys. does anyone know of any freeware ones though?
  6. hi there i am thinking of having a go at designing homescreens and wandered if there are any free trials or freeware design software out there that i could try out. also if anyone has any good tips or knows any good sites for info about this would appreciate it many thanks
  7. hi the website looks amazing :shock: do you have any idea when it will be in full english? i can understand most of it but some things like the plugins and registering are still a mystery great work though ;)
  8. i have a c550 and lots of the games are either too small for the screen or just crash the phone. are there any decent freeware games out there yet? thanks charley :o
  9. hi there does anyone know if you can change the case on the c550 yet? ive only had mine for a few weeks but ive managed to scratch the screen and dent and scratch the case :( i dont want to ruin it! please help! :o
  10. hi there im trying to find some decent homescreen skins/themes for my spv c550 buit a loot of the ones i download are for phones with less pixels. where can i find the best ones? thanks :o
  11. hi there can anyone tell me what is the best pv player for the spv c550. i have tried pv player but the playback size is tiny regardless of the video size any ideas thanks
  12. hey martin you are a LEGEND! :( thankyou very much for your help it worked perfectly! wish i could send you a beer down the phoneline thanks again :o
  13. add on from preveious message... when i try to connect it says "cannot connect using your default setting ( which i assume is dialup). use gprs internet connection instead" when i say yes it then starts dialing up, says "finding site" then goes back to "connecting" and then comes up with "the page you are looking for cannot be found" ive tried google, yahoo, and windows mobile and it just comes up with the same thing. would anyone be kind enough to write me an idiot proof instruction list on how to set this up including all menu instructions and settings please. i would be forever in your debt
  14. hi thanks for that. there is a lot of info there but ive never done this before and there seems to be a lot of holes. is there an idiots guide to doing it any where? i dont know what im supposed to put in some of the fields or where to edit the proxy settings or ehat they mean! is this something i can do myself or is it actually as difficult as it looks?
  15. thanks for the help. what is the difference between wap and gprs? and what is o2 cs? which settings will enable internet explorer to work? sorry if i sound a bit dim :roll:
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