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  1. Nice find. Love the stuff you can find on DA
  2. They can either be size="16" or size="32" in the XML of the homescreen which you will find in Storage\Application Data\Home :)
  3. Its got home and back keys (Smartphone like) But no D-Pad and only softkeys like Pocket PC... huh :) How poorly photoshopped is the OS onto the device !
  4. http://www.modaco.com/Information-section-f166.html
  5. w411y

    Pro 6 Friday!

    Got it on its release day.. finally! I loooooooove it :)
  6. w411y

    Fantasy Football

    *cough* :D
  7. w411y


    How the tables turn its working for me now :D And yes he is aware :)
  8. No \Storage Just \Application Data\Home :)
  9. One thing to note. You need to app unlock your device before executing the cab. Nice work mate upload it to the downloads section :)
  10. As answered in your other thread. Swap the code for profile wih the code for carrier (You can tell them apart by name="profile" or name="carrier")
  11. The order they appear in the XML from top to bottom is the same order they appear on the screen. So a bit of simple cutting and pasting :)
  12. w411y


    Strange :)
  13. w411y


    I'm still getting this...
  14. w411y

    Little things mean a lot...

    Tiny but mighty improvements :) Good stuff
  15. w411y


    Whats going on? :)

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