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  1. Look at what happened last year - the Touch came in in late June/early July and the S730, Dual and Kaiser were due in September but ended up being announced in October and available from November. I can imagine the same happening here.
  2. I agree with you that the average phone user doesn't care about 3G yet. However, the average user would also never consider a smartphone of any sort. The average smartphone user would be far more likely to understand the true benefits of 3G and HSDPA.
  3. Isn't the Erato going to be the first gps smartphone? The release date on PDAdb has been pushed back a month, but it's still scheduled ahead of the S730. Seeing as how the Libra/S720 phone is still on track, I fully expect the S730 to appear at some point over the summer - tbh, even if it was just a vox with HSDPA support I'd still snap it up (although built in GPS would be very nice).
  4. Is there anymore news about the next wave of HTC phones? I'm sure the Wings/S730 is being hidden to promote S710 sales, but what happened to the HTC Erato (S420) - wasn't that supposed to be announced in May? Will there be a Wings/Erato/Kaiser announcement at the start of the Summer?
  5. Softbank (formally Vodafone Japan) use 2100Mhz 3G and DoCoMo are moving to support the same so as long as you have a 3G phone and a UK operator that has a roaming agreement in Japan you should be fine - (3G coverage over there is good in the cities). If you are after a Japanese handset that works in Europe, then that's beyond me I'm affraid.
  6. I've read at another forum that it was Core Player/TCMCP that is causing this problem.
  7. Could you compare them by taking a picture of a piece of paper with writing on it (like a newspaper). One of the most annoying things about HTC cameras is the lack of focus where as I believe the G500 has autofocus.
  8. Based on what I've seen of the S710, it looks like my replacement for my trusty C500 will be the S730 3G/HSDPA version. I take it the cameras don't have autofocus - I don't care what resolution a camera is, but if you can't focus it it's surprisingly useless for me. It's a shame I don't like slider phones cos the G500 looks pretty decent and I've read that Toshiba have included a few extra features when you use the phone in conjunction with a laptop (such acting as a slideshow control).
  9. Actually, there's a page for the Wings (S730) here: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=728 I think the picture is the same one they used for the VOX as that also didn't show a joystick/direction pad. I'd imagine the S730 will be the same layout as the Vox/S710 with maybe a different colour scheme to differentiate it. It looks like the Erato/Wings are pretty much identical except for form factor (and the Wings has usb 2.0 and wifi). GPS and triband HSDPA - sounds good.
  10. Finally, a smartphone that just about has everything. A shame about wifi, but yay for GPS and HSDPA. I wonder how long it will be before the Wings (3G/GPS version of the Vox/S710) appears...
  11. I think the problem is that the main WM manufacturers are starting to push the PPC devices such as Hermes and Trinity towards businesses. This leaves the smartphones without a real customer. Out of all my friends I'm the only one interested in a smartphone. This is made worse when Nokia have the N73 smartphone which boasts one of the 2 best cameras currently in phones. The HTC Vox looks like an amazing phone, but on closer inspection it's just a C600 with a qwerty keyboard and WM6. If we were getting the Wings now (with HSDPA and gps built in) then maybe WM smartphones would have a chance, but as it is it looks like Wings will give Nokia's N95 a 6 month head start.
  12. Following the news that the recent ROM update appears to not only fix the battery life issues but also enables HSDPA on the Mteor it seems very strange that Orange pulled the C700. Surely HTC could have told them a fix was in the works?
  13. I've had my Typhoon get stuck "searching" for a network a couple of times. Each time needed me to flip into flight mode and back to get the network back. If that is what's killing the mteor battery life then a simple rom update should fix it easily. I've heard this phone is coming out on the 3 network in the UK soon so it'll be interesting to see if the problems are fixed as with the Dopod.
  14. I heard that rumour too. There's something funny going on with this phone. The western version seems to be blighted by battery problems, frequent losses of settings, is limited to 3G (384kbps) and has no front camera where as the Dopod variant doesn't seem to suffer from the battery problem (as far as I can tell), has the front facing camera and I seen forums where people are claiming the handset is actually HSDPA enabled. It's a shame as I'm looking to upgrade my old C500 and there seems little point only going to the C600 when a decent 3G smartphone can't be too far off.
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