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  1. It might not be for you but for a lot of people it is, just reading this topic shows that. Things I would like to do: 1) Stream radio and switch the screen off 2) Receive push email, facebook and twitter updates while the device is in standby. 3) Receive skype calls while the device is in standby. (and im sure there are many more reasons). As for battery life I would just switch off wifi when I dont want it just like I do on my smartphone...... Someone please find a fix!! :-)
  2. Paul can you comment on this, seems to be a showstopper to many people..... Thanks :unsure: B)
  3. Hi all, I cant seem to find the answer to this...... I am thinking about buying a Vega and want to know if you can plug in an external headset (with mic and headphones) in order to make skype calls? Is the 3.5mm Jack just audio out? Is using a bluetooth headset possible? Thanks in advance.
  4. Was a longshot..... doesnt launcher pro just run over the default homescreen so the launcher is actually still running in the backgroud?
  5. So this is 100% a hardware issue then? Might be a longshot but do the random touch events happen where that vega application launcher is at the bottom of the screen? Can you disable/remove this and try the test again? (Just thinking it might be grabbing focus and killing the touch events).
  6. They need to improve copy protection for a start..... then as stated above a large team would be needed to certify applications. Microsoft never seem to put a 100% into anything in the mobile world, it just seems like a half arsed attempt at a market place --- a bit like the operating system really. My Diamond will be my last WinMO device for a while I think. I actually have the Nokia N900 on loan at the minute and its like a breath of fresh air, everything just works -- no slowdowns, no memory leaks, no annoying bugs. I think I have been using Microsoft devices for too long and have forgotten what its like to have a device that just works....... it even has a Ubuntu style repository system for getting new applications --- fantastic.
  7. The hardware looks great, the software looks rubbish. Looks like SE need to spend more time covering up the Windows mobile interface, I cant see this phone attracting many people from that Video review.....
  8. Thanks for the screen Paul. I think im gonna get a couple of copies of this, thing is do I want the other half to be able to assign tasks to me with deadlines :-P
  9. Hi Paul, This looks great :-) It says in the description that you can access your tasks from a Desktop also, I presume this is through a web-browser? , can you give your opinions on this or even better throw a screenshot up..... Thanks in advance..... ;-)
  10. I think you should take a pic of you making a phone call on it paul :-P
  11. Im sorry mate, I feel dirty saying this but I wiped my linux install to put windows on :-P I had issues with the (rather buggy) linux version of Skype which is why I switched. My Windows install is about 1.3GB (nlited a little) so you might be able to squeeze it on to your 2GB............. Im actually very happy with it for web-browsing skype/messenger etc (and thats coming from someone who runs ubuntu on his main machine)
  12. im having issues sending texts now, I have a friend with a Trinity and it seems to work much better than on my Treo 750v--- must be those palm tweaks messing things up. Still this is a brilliant idea and once they iron out the bugs I can see it taking off big time------- linking in to the GPS on some phones and displaying a google map on the page with you and your friends locations would be fantastic. I wish they had a support forum.... (hint hint :-P)
  13. Im sure you can make them not public by default in the settings......
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