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  1. huwwatkins

    Debrand One X

    Odd - I have a white One X on Three UK and my radio version is 1.1204.90.13H
  2. Hi If the screen is better than the original then I would be grateful if you could pm me the seller id. Thanks
  3. huwwatkins

    Vega's Screen leaking ink

    If there is no damage to the external casing im sure you could argue your case. Any chance of a photo?
  4. huwwatkins

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    I may have missed something but there were quite a few nice wallpapers in the alpha builds that are missing in the beta?
  5. huwwatkins


    I imagine that getting 3.0 to boot was the hardest part and getting to 3.1 wont be quite so difficult.
  6. huwwatkins

    3G Internal Dongle Bodge, um modification...Done!

    Docking port would be better as the USB port on that defaults to host mode.
  7. huwwatkins

    vimeo hd

    Try changing the browser agent to desktop - this will make the site think you are viewing on a pc and should give all options. 480p is not hd.
  8. huwwatkins

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    Android 2.2 has the wifi hotspot feature as standard.
  9. huwwatkins

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    If your on mobile broadband its always been three.co.uk as the apn for me? Also - the Huawei e169 works once you have disabled the cd drive on on it. One thing I noticed is that if the vega goes in to standby the connection will hang and you have to remove/reinsert the usb dongle. I wonder if there is a way of stripping the pcb out of the plastic usb casing and soldering it direct to the usb port internally. In theory the I'd guess the vega would ignore it when it was in slave mode and then auto pick it back up again in host mode? On my netbook there was an unconnected usb header on the motherboard that you could solder stuff directly too - does the vega have somthing like this?
  10. huwwatkins

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    Melted - Same problem with the E169 not working - I will try disabling he cd drive on it and see what happens.
  11. huwwatkins

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    I have an e169g I will try it when I get home!
  12. Might be worth asking the vegaccs guy on here or the vega twitter feed. The bit that sits between the 3g module and the mainboard looks like a proprietary part
  13. What are the chances of of 3G support now that the srouce is available? Cheers
  14. huwwatkins

    1.06 vs 1.08 difference report

    Oooh, PPP stuff is in there - does it mean its now built in to kernel? Thats some of what we needed for 3g dongles ...i think.
  15. huwwatkins

    Mobile Broadband dongles

    I have a few 3g dongles I can test so hopefully will be able to help when needed - AFAIK nothing can happen untill source is released

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