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    How good is Dr. Gonzo's 6.1 rom

    I have a Orange UK E650 Can I just flash it with the the Gonzo 6.1 rom and it will still know all the settings for sms gprs e.t.c which are specific to orange.
  2. iangray

    e650 with tomtom device

    We have an interesting problem here. The TomTom, I have the "one", but I assume the same applies to other variants does not connect to the E650 via bluetooth. I have done a little research and it appears its because DUN (Dial up networking) is not part of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft have removed it. Microsoft want's to use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) instead see http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archiv...etooth-dun.aspx I have contacted TomTom and asked if they had any plans to upgrade the device to work with ICS but I have not got a definitive reply all I got was a link to there supported phones site. http://www.tomtom.com/phones/ As you can see the E650 is not a supported device, so it does not work and will not work until either Orange provide an updated ROM which includes DUN, or TomTom upgrades the device to use ICS, or until a third party app becomes available to bridge the gap, I currently know of no such app but perhaps someone out their does? Which gives me a problem I currently subscribe to the camera alerts which still update via TomTom home, but I have no access to the mobile alerts, as I have not got a device that connects the TomTom to the internet. So do I continue subscribing to a service where I now only get half the functionality I had before on my C600?
  3. iangray

    Bluetooth DUN on S710

    I have an Orange E650 and a TomTom One I can no longer use my phone as the wireless conection for my TomTom, I am assuming its because the phone does not have Dun which TomTom requires. I have fired off an Email to TomTom support, but they have replied that my phone is not on their list of supported devices, so we seem to have a bit of a problem here. Dun has been removed from WM6 it may or may not return, but if it does it needs a rom upgrade from orange. TomTom if they want to use wireless technology to perform an update will have to produce an upgrade that uses Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) I wonder which will happen first, or will some wise person produce a dun patch, or will it become available via mobile update. We will wait and see.
  4. iangray

    Backlight won't turn off!

    I am now confused. Do you mean edit the default string, or create a new string key called value. A screen shot would be nice. Also when I try and experiment myself using MobileRegistryEditor I keep getting Access Denied, am I missing another trick I
  5. iangray

    Backlight won't turn off!

    I have only taken deliver of a new E650 yesterday, I have not installed any software but I have the bug, the backlight does not turn off it just dims. I have tried the registry hack but the value refered to is not present. e650reg.doc
  6. iangray

    World Cup Mobile 1.0

    I can not find where to download the demo version
  7. When I run this application on my windows xp sp2 machine then it crashes with the following error Runtime error 216 at 00403a0a
  8. iangray

    UK/FR/DK 1.61 Update is here!

    I can't find IA Photo Album and I miss it already. I upgraded from I-Mate 1.5 which had IA Photo Album. The upgrade went smoothly did it all from the canary screen with no problems, it is a vast improvement from the original 1.3. It even works better as a phone. OTA decert works fine. Personaly I would have liked more functionality added i.e sending contacts via sms, voice dialling, alarm when switched off, some of the things I miss when I upgraded from my Nokia. However if you take the overall functionality a great phone now with an improved heart
  9. iangray

    1.6 Update when?

    We all seem to be getting agittated and anoyed, but there is an alternative the imate 1.5 rom works very well and you can download agile messenger which is free and still works with MSN. So I suggest that all of you who wish to use MSN Messenger search this forum for agile messenger.
  10. So far I have gone original orange, eurotel rom 1.5 and now i-mate 1.5 The eurotel rom was a vast improvement over the original orange version, for all the reasons already discussed on this forum. i.e stability, extra applications, ring tones in SD e.t.c but its T9 was useless. the i-mate T9 is good hence the upgrade route was correct. I also believe the ugrade improves the SPV as a phone i.e. a better signal. I did not sim unlock the phone before the upgrade, which I now regret. I can however put other orange sims in and they work, but a sim from another network requires the sim unlock code. I believe that some one out there, may be the original creator of SPVUnlock can get around the problem of the upgraded boot loader. Its just a matter of time. The i-mate 1.5 rom is application unlocked, but I had already done that procedure before upgrading. I can also recommend imeter which can be found on this forum as a good utility. I also beleive its a shame that we have to hunt around other rom providers to enhance/correct the original rom that was shipped by orange we are paying good money for them to provide a service, surly one of those services should be customer satisfaction, and an ongoing commitment to enhancements.
  11. Does anyone know how to sim unlock the imate 1.5 rom It appears to have bootloader v1.07.4m which fails with the normal error after 66% when using spvunlock I don't really want to take the bootloader back to an earlier version. Thanks
  12. Just downloaded the Eurotell and upgraded my Orange SPV, thanks for advice to upgrade from the Canary screen and also the GPRS MMS settings which can be found elsewhere at Modaco. Beware everything is erased on the phone. Too early to feedback on the upgrade, but already slightly disapointed as there still is no explorer, although you can email pictures now without using an explorer, still can not send contact details via sms, and voice activated dialing is still not available which I consider essential for handsfree when driving the Car. But if it is faster and the battery lasts longer then any improvement is welcome. Does enyone know of third party products to do voice activated dialing and contact via sms.

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