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  1. I just got off the phone fighting with the company I ordered mine from (samstores.com). They still have QUAD-BAND EDGE & TRI-BAND UMTS posted on their site. I spoke with an employee who was trying to tell me that had not incorrectly advertised the specs for the phone. He said, "It's still a quad band phone because it supports 4 bands". They said they would not refund it - they'd only give a credit and still charge restocking fee. I tried arguing that HTC's site stated 850MHz was supported. Also argued that they still said Quad-Band Edge and TRI-BAND UMTS, which it was not because it didn't support US UMTS frequencies. They were just plain jerks about the whole situation. So, now I'm still stuck with a MTeoR and still angry. I've left voicemails for HTC America without response - and same with web-mailing HTC Europe. No luck. Has anyone had further luck contacting HTC? I would really like my money back on this phone since it doesn't work very many places. Thanks.
  2. A user on Howard Forums already received a letter from HTC verifying that the 850MHz band is missing and that the marketing group incorrectly posted specs on the HTC Europe website (and in turn on every supplier of the phone).
  3. Ok, a user on HoFo received a letter from HTC, confirming lack of support for 850MHz USA band. I am still really pissed. Such a nice sized phone in a great case. I really like the keypad compared to the Tornado as well. Seperated enough where you don't press more than one key at a time. I still haven't heard back from the company I ordered mine from. If worse comes to worse, I think a lawsuit may be in need. Especially considering: 1) the time on the phone I've spent over this issue trying to contact HTC 2) the shipping we will have to pay to send this phone back 3) the microSD card that is useless unless buying a $15 miniSD adapter 4) the eBay charge for listing my Tornado (a friend ended up "buying" it from me) okay, a far stretch, but: 5) the interest we could've made by investing $600? :confused: Either way, many of us are unhappy. I don't think a refund is enough. Anybody else agree?
  4. This is somewhat easily fixed by switching themes, but when viewing future dates on the calendar, unselected entries show up in white on a white background. I would switch my theme to blue, but the HTC logo is green and clashes when dialing.
  5. You know what - My phone is only displaying a GPRS icon (the G at the top) and not even an Edge E. I figured it needed the registry tweak that the SP5 rom needed. I looked and it was already in there. Are we even getting Edge???
  6. Wow, I didn't even bother looking at the manual or box. No wonder why I am still getting a much higher signal on my SP5 than the MTeoR. If I remember correctly, Tri-Band was listed as the original specs on Expansys/Mobile Planet. On the HTC product flyer page, it states "Tri-band UMTS/Quad-Band EDGE". I wonder if they stuck the radio in and this pretty much pre-release ROM just doesn't fully support all bands yet? I think they really should've delayed the release of this phone with all of these issues...
  7. Has anyone been able to connect to the UTMS networking with their MTeoRs? I live in Detroit and it's actually not listed on the Cingular Broadband Connect list, but I've found numerous other articles about D-town being one of the first cities chosen for (back in the day) AT&T's UMTS network... (who knows if that ever was deployed...) Thanks! Other than that, I like the materials they used to make the phone with. I just got it about 2 hours ago and it's definitely speedier than the Tornado variants. The joystick is much higher grade than the predecessor, and HOPEFULLY, it all directions will continue to function throughout the lifetime of this phone. (My SP5 takes a lot of pressure to move right & left. My friend's 2125 doesn't move left. Another friend's right soft key doesn't work... Hopefully this phone will not be plagued with similar issues.) Also included (no surprise) is the green theme that we've been seeing in new WM ads. It's cute and HTC has put their little logo in the corner. That's about it for now. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be learning a lot more about the phone in the up and coming days.
  8. My friend who works from Microsoft claims the hardware is inside, although I have yet to confirm this... Has anyone tried loading an sp5x or 83x0 ROM on the 2125? Here's the latest version for the i-mate sp5: http://www.clubimate.com/support/SP5/ROM/i...E_1.5.333.0.exe If I remember correctly, someone looked at the FCC docs and verified there was in fact no wireless hardware inside.
  9. My calls always drop with the newer sp5 ROM. It was as bad with the factory one. It will have full signal, the sound will go dead, then 30 sec later, make the hangup beeps. Also, sometimes the sound will be messed up and the ringers will play faster than they normally should or softer.
  10. There's actually a better way of syncing. I've been using (for months now) www.4smartphone.net. They provide an exchange server that keeps each of your computers (and Windows Mobile devices) in sync. It's great and not that expensive. Plus when I update something somewhere, it gets synced through the Internet to all of my other devices. I'm running dual operating systems on my home computer (Win XP & Mac OS X x86). Entourage supports Microsoft Exchange servers as well as Outlook. Hope this helps!
  11. Here's a link to the newer firmware: http://www.clubimate.com/t-DEVICE_SP5_UPD.aspx (only registered users) OR ftp://ftp.clubimate.com/i-mate_SP5_NRE_1.5.333.0.exe (It's the world-wide english release.)
  12. I ran into the same issue and purchased Resco Photo Viewer. It works great. It also allows you to zoom, pan, and rotate. One of my favorite options is that you can save the thumbnails so that they don't have to reload on each launch. It also features a landscape slideshow feature which fades between pics.
  13. Hey there - I updated my phone to the new firmware ( or and that fixed the issue.
  14. Has anyone expirienced this situation?? I have the SP5, and my friend sent me an MMS. (On my old Typhoon, this worked fine.) When I try downloading it, I get the error: 1) Unable to receive your message(s). Your message(s) notification(s) will remain in the Inbox. 2) There is not enough free space for message downloading. Please free up some space and try again. When I look at "About" in the Settings, I have: Available Storage: 2.22MB Total Storage: 17.94MB Available Memory: 21.25MB Total Memory: 44.69MB Strange, huh? Anyone know of a way to increase Available Storage and decrease Available Memory? I don't want to delete much more from my phone. Thanks!
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