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  1. I tried installing the caller ID fix and unfortunately relied on the on screen message stating that the process would take 1-2 minutes. After 5+ minutes I figured something was wrong so I undocked the phone and tried to power off. The phone would not power off so I removed the battery. Now when I try to boot the phone the MITS splash screen comes on and then a white screen shows up that never goes away. I have waited for the boot to move past the white screen for 30 minutes and nothing. I have also tried the hard reset of 6 & # without success. After being on hold with Samsung Level 2 for over an hour I thought I would ask this forum. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance... Update - I finally got someone from Samsung's Level II tech support to answer. They suggest that I need to bring the phone into a Verizon store to flash the BIOS. Does anyone know if I can do this online to avoid the trip to the store?
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