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  1. Not released yet but shows it's getting closer. http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://andronautico.blogspot.com/2014/11/slimlp-android-5-lollipop-para-huawei.html&prev=search
  2. I think the colour difference is due to the Orange sold DHD being a DHD chocolate. Its just speculation has I haven't seen a non orange one but I'm guessing the colours don't match because the orange device is slightly brown in colour (chocolate), and nobody bothered to make matching sim, battery and cam flash panels.
  3. leeston2379

    kinoma play!!!!

    I joined five years ago, where do i collect my free respect?
  4. leeston2379

    tg01 toshiba stock rom

    Take a look HERE, this will not sim unlock the device, only remove most of the orange stuff.
  5. leeston2379

    Can't SMS/MMS

    You may get better advice, but i would suggest a hard reset, then install only the sense app then see if texting works. If you dont fancy that then try uninstalling the last thing you installed. Not much else you can do as far as i know.
  6. leeston2379

    new rom update from toshiba

    I loaded the new software update from Tosh last night, first impressions are good. I am using a UK Orange handset and UK english ROM No major crashes or freezes today. GPS still losing reception every 20 mins or so for about 30 secs, though i only tested TomTom with GPS gate 2.6. Call quality did seem better but i only made one call and used a bluetooth hands free kit, so wouldn't say thats confirmed. I also found that when using the close button it goes back to the last screen used instead of the home screen.
  7. Thought i should point out non of the mentioned apps are "free", they all required activaton from the manufacturer. Warez versons are available but discussing them here is against the rules.
  8. leeston2379

    Manila (sense 2.1/2.5) in test...

    Only one way to find out ;) Are you brave enough?
  9. leeston2379

    Manila (sense 2.1/2.5) in test...

    No just leave it there, as far as i'm aware its just required by manilla. After much crashing i have uninstalled sense 2.5, it made tomtom way to unstable and i need tomtom to work for my job.
  10. leeston2379

    Manila (sense 2.1/2.5) in test...

    Just stumbled across this, [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila] "IsWM6.5"=dword:1 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Manila] "IsWM6.5"=dword:1 It improves compatibility with WM6.5, have tried it on my TG01 and no problems have appeared but i haven't had chance to test stability To "Fix" weather use the attached cab, i found it on XDA but can't remember where. To fix pictures unzip AlbumSearcher Signed.zip to your windows folder. Also found on XDA, still can't remember where. Disable_Current_Location.cab AlbumSearcher_Signed.zip
  11. leeston2379

    tg01 rom development

    I am no expert but i believe that is the end of your TG01. The update software runs from windows, so unless windows will boot there is no way of reflashing the device. I hope your still covered by warranty, as that my be the only route to a working TG01. One question though, why would you use the files from XDA? There is an official update available from Toshiba. However i have used both and both worked, looks like just bad luck. Sorry i can't be more help, or give you better news.
  12. leeston2379

    Nav'n'Go iGo on TG01

    I've just tried it and it works for me, i put all the gps settings to auto and igo found my receiver in a few seconds. It only worked after chaning settings to auto though, for port and baud.
  13. The plug in seems to work really well, i don't use mobile shell but it works a treat in androkkid. When i test before installation the menus were very laggy, now it is smooth and flowing.
  14. leeston2379

    Games for TG01

    I would like to argue with you about that but am begining to realise that the TG01 is dying. It could've been so good. I'm stuck with mine for another 12 months under contract and can't afford to buy my way out. I feel that in 12 months i shall return to HTC, wishing my toshiba could've lived up to what it should've been.
  15. leeston2379

    Games for TG01

    Short answer is No. Slightly longer answer, No because the TG01 has a specific type of g sensor that most game don't yet support, if they ever will.

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