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  1. DaBeeeenster

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    I wonder if I could root the device and put a symlink in to point to the SD?
  2. DaBeeeenster

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    Clearing the storage through settings then re-running the app sorted it out. There's no option to set where it caches the files though which is *really* annoying! I want them on the MicroSD...
  3. DaBeeeenster

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    Ah great ta. Upload process so far has been very very smooth. One other question - Is it possible to tell the app where to store the music? Would rather it went on my external SD card...?
  4. DaBeeeenster

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    I got my invite and am now uploading my library, but when I run the Music app on my SGS2 it doesn't ask me if I want to connect to the online service. Am I missing something?
  5. Hi, Anyone got any ideas? Running 3.6.1. Was seeing some lock ups with google maps so decided to do a wipe clean install. Performed the wipe, rebooted and now my phone won't recognise any sd cards that I put in it - reporting them as unavailable. I'm also locked out of my o2 network in the UK. Now I'm somewhat stuck! Is there a way I can install a ROM from USB? Or do a complete wipe? Tried doing a wipe from within the android settings but it didn't help...
  6. DaBeeeenster

    Beebplayer Removed from Market

    Sorry for being dim, but why can't the Desire use the iPhone version of the site? Does the desire not play h264?
  7. DaBeeeenster

    USB tethering with OSX - what settings?

    What settings are you using?
  8. DaBeeeenster

    USB tethering with OSX - what settings?

    Wow, that really sucks!
  9. Hi, If I enable this on my desire, it appears in my OSX network preferences as "Android Phone", but I'm not sure what information to enter into the Telephone Number, Account Name or Password. I'm on O2. Anyone know?
  10. DaBeeeenster

    Default Android Apps

    Hi, Is there a way to install/use the default android apps as opposed to the sense ones? The contacts, dialler, keyboard etc? I have a UK/Vodafone Desire...
  11. DaBeeeenster

    Batti Issues

    After having serious locking up issues whilst charging and when using the phone out and about I uninstalled Batti. Not only has the phone not locked up since, but I find that the battery life is about 50% better. Is this even possible or am I imagining it?!?!?
  12. DaBeeeenster

    Freezing while charging

    I dont have weather installed. I have pRssReader installed but not in the SD card, and I still get lock ups during charge...
  13. DaBeeeenster

    Self-Signed SSL certificates in Exchange

    Sorry, you lost me on the first sentence! I have active sync and direct push working fine over non-ssl...
  14. Hi, I had a useful cab for my Orange M500 that allowed you to sync over SSL with exchange even if it had a self-signed certificate. It doesnt work for my Vario II - does a cab exist that fixes this? Ta Ben
  15. DaBeeeenster

    Post your bugs/issues here

    What about a bluetooth headset?

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