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    Hi im new in this forum but ive got a samsung i600 that im having major issues with. My phone is constantly in "roaming service". I went to my local verizon store and they found the my prl is not up to date. It does not update by *228 option 2, and the nearest store that had a cable to do it was 100 miles away. so i drove 100 miles or so and went to two different stores, neither of which were able to update the software on my phone. soo here is my current version info PDA Si600.04.V.XE18.13349 EBOOT:04.11 PHONE S:i600.04 V:XE18 H/W VERSION H:i600.04 V.Q PRL VERSION P:50331 E:NONE So far ive done a phone reset through the menus of the phone, ive done # 9 , and # 6, and then checked the version and tried *228 2 after each attempt. So i am basicly gonna keep searching forums and hope someone replies to this. Thanks
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