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  1. The same way as Mandt suggested before - go to Windows > Start Menu, and cut the ones you don't want on the start menu and paste them into the Programs folder. Then you can check the ones you want from Settings > Personal > Menus.
  2. That happened to my appointments, and it was a result of Daylight Savings Time screwing things up, but it waas directly caused by having the "Automatic Time Zones" checkbox turned on on the phone. If you're lucky, you should be able to uncheck that box, verify that your time zone etc. is correct on the phone, and resync. I, however, had to make a backup of my phone using Sprite backup, then I hard-reset, restored the backup, but left out "Personal databases" from the restoration. I then made sure the Auto Time Zones box was unchecked, and synced with my computer. It was a pain, but it fixed the problem right up.
  3. Yeah, that's a pain in the ass, mine did that too. Here's what I did: hard reset, then restore everythign from Sprite backup except the personal databases. Meanwhile, get an app for Outlook to delete duplicate entries (google for it; I used one called Mapi Lab Duplicates remover for Outlook or something like that) and get rid of them on that end. Then, resync your phone with the laptop and it should go back to normal.
  4. I upgraded mine, and TBH it wasn't really worth it. I was under the impression (based on the instructions on the HTC America site) that I could do the ROM upgrade and restore a Sprite backup and all would be well. As it turned out, it didn't work as well as anticipated and I had to go thru hours of reinstalling etc. And when it was all said and done, I haven't noticed any difference whatsoever. perhaps the radio is better or somehting, but I didn't have a problem to begin with so I can't confirm that. After my ordeal, my brother did not upgrade his ROM and is prefectly happy with his, for what it's worth. As far as the bloatware etc., the quick soft-reset before customizations still works just as with the factory ROM.
  5. Not sure if it's of any use, as I have a Tilt that was doing the same thing, and it had to do with the automatic time zone check box being checked. For whatever reason, my Tilt got on a different time zone setting than my PC, and it changed all of the appointments on the phone to be an hour behind, even though they were right on the PC, and the time on both was the same. I had to do a hard reset, then did a sprite backup restore of everything but my personal databases, unchecked the automatic time zones checkbox, and synced with the computer. Then all my appointments etc. came on at the correct time.
  6. Yeah, the same thing happened to me when i first got the phone. It was a new SIM card too, and for some reason there was oxidation or something on the SIM card that was not allowing it to make good contact with the terminals in the phone. Try pulling the sim card out, and rub the gold side on your jeans a little bit, then put it back in. Someone on a similar thread suggested a pencil eraser, but anything to polish up the contact side of the SIM card. If that doesn't work, you might see about swapping the SIM for a different one, or perhaps a hardware issue if all else fails.
  7. Yeah, it's a bummer this never went anywhere. However, if you own a PSP, there's a guy working on something called Rosetta Shard which is moderately useful. I tried it, the demo set worked fine, but my Russian disk never did work right...anyway, he's still working on it so do a google search for Rosetta Shard PSP and you should find it.
  8. That sounds cool, but it seems a bit more complicated than, say, Orb or something similar. What's the advantage here?
  9. Go to Settings > System > Clear Storage, type in 1234 and hit OK.
  10. It's not released yet, they're just collecting user info for when they do release it.
  11. Take a look at this thread, as this has been an issue for a lot of people. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=332362 It may be a problem with the cube, I don't know about that. What solved it for me was disabling the task manager from the top-right corner of the screen, as well as turning off the HTC Home screen. Once I did that, the time and email worked fine. There are also some settings in the registry you can change either with a registry editor or with Kaisertweak that may help fix it, they're mentioned in that thread.
  12. Could be, but give it a few days. Batti was sporadic with mine, would work fine for a while and then would go crazy and I'd have to soft reset.
  13. I second this, Batti periodically screwed up my display exactly how the OP described. I doubt if Kaisertweak had anything to do with it. I uninstalled Batti, installed Vistahide Battery Gauge instead, and no more display problems.
  14. Yeah, I don't know about the Touchflo Cube, but if you're running KaiserTweak you can turn off the animations in there (the setting is pretty self-explanatory).
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