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  1. oops didn't realise i had a reply.! i followed the advice in this post and got mine working http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=235125
  2. just had my c550 replaced under warranty as well as the joystick was failing :roll:
  3. cheers i know my bt receiver definatley works now 8)
  4. just rang the returns number above. you give them your imei + phone number and they send you out a prepaid returns bag. you then send the phone back and they will credit you. you can then reorder. I couldn't persuade them into a £30 refund though :) As my c550 is my only mobile and I can't be without a mobile due to family reasons so i'm just going to have to accept a £30 loss :cry:
  5. 0800 0790103 - orange 14 day money back line can't get through yet :roll:
  6. which bit of the distance selling regs applies? i'm going to ring them up so want to have something i can use against them!
  7. I paid £130 on 19.12.2005 as well :evil: i'm going to ring them up
  8. Thanks mate :) exactly the kind of thing i needed i'll test it out when i get home from work!
  9. Hi can anyone tell me the name of an app that uses gps in one way or another. It can be a trial version etc. I just want a prog that I can use on my c550 to make sure my BT GPS receiver is working and can lock onto satellites Thanks
  10. I have got an Orange SPV C550 phone and I also have a BT-77 GPS receiver. What should the BT com port settings be on the phone? I can choose incoming port 6 or 7 secure or unsecure & outgoing port 6 or 7 secure and unsecure Which one should I be using(one or both etc?) as i'm having trouble connecting my gps device to my C550 :confused: I have a small freeware prog which is like a gps max speed logger for the car but it says something like 'no gps device connected' :??: Thanks
  11. Thanks for this I got my C550 today and unlocked it :) I used activesync to transfer the ZIP of the reg editor onto my phone. I then unzipped the file on the phone and used it to make the reg key changes. 8)
  12. I've ordered a spc c550 phone so i'll wait until it arrives to see if it has an adaptor with it. Thanks
  13. Does the miniSD card that comes with this phone also have a SD adaptor with it so the card can be read in a normal SD card reader?
  14. Hi Will my SD card reader beable to read miniSD cards or do i need to buy a new card reader!!? Thanks
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