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  1. Funster

    spv original

    Yep, they were my prized possessions and were treated well. The C500 & C600 I had were equally well looked after and went to good homes. The guy who was originally interested has gone quiet so I may put them on eBay as a pair as I've only have the one charger. Not sure if you're allowed to link to eBay from the forums but I'll check and then post the details if I decide to go that way.
  2. Funster

    spv original

    God, I remember now, £6.50 unlimited data, great!. Orange have been going backwards ever since ;)
  3. Funster

    spv original

    Tell me about it. The SPV still had half a charge and all my call history from way back. Just couldn't believe it when I turned it on. Must have been in the box for at least 3.5 years. Incredible.
  4. Funster

    spv original

    Here's a photo of both the SPV & E200 I have. I couldn't attach it to the PM I sent you ;)
  5. Funster

    spv original

    I've got one. It's somewhere in the loft so I'll have to go looking for it this weekend. A nominal payment to cover postage and a small donation to a charity should seal the deal. PM me if you're interested. Cheers, Funster.
  6. Funster

    HSDPA on orange

    Man, I must be just missing out. I work in NW London but live in SE London/Kent border. Not a "H" anyware!
  7. Funster

    HSDPA on orange

    I'm north of Chiswick near Hanger Lane and it's 3G there also. Man that's a small HSDPA area!
  8. Funster

    Hermes / m3100 with MacBook Pro

    This did the trick for me on both my MBP and MB. Really impressed with 3G speeds around London & Kent. Funster
  9. Funster

    Orange M700 review delay

    You're not wrong, I can't live without it. Just need a slightly smaller Hermes with GPS. I think it's the Kaiser I'm after or maybe the Wings.
  10. Funster

    Orange M700 review delay

    Battery life was 40 hours max. Build quality was poor, my screen was off to the left, no black border on the left and 3mm of black on the right. GPS using the Orange Sat Nav was impossible to use, the software is very flakey. No post code search, finding any address was a real pain. Also, you have to enable the GPS via the registry. No way of checking if the GPS receiver was enabled or turned it off, you have to assume the GPS software is taking care of that. It looks very cheap and feels that same, the use of plastic throughout was off putting. Camera pictures were poor. Call quality was good. It's small. Responsive to use. Gone back to the M3100 and am happy again. Funster
  11. Funster

    Orange M700 review delay

    You're being generous. It's rubbish, I sent it back within 7 days. In fact, you only need a day or so to realise it's a waste of time. Funster
  12. Funster

    M3100 and WM6 thread closed...

    Bad call on this occasion, a little harsh I think. Anyway, done now. Overall I'd agree that the forums are well looked after.
  13. Funster

    M3100 and WM6 thread closed...

    I agree, complete over reaction by the mods. As far as I could tell, no one was advocating (choosing words carefully as not to get this thread closed ;) ) distributing or even linking to the offending topic. Censorship gone mad.
  14. Pretty much spot on. My M700 is going back tomorrow and being replaced with another M3100 as my original M3100 is looking a little tired.
  15. You're right, it is a bit of a backward step, I think I'll go back to the M3100. As it was a free upgrade I just had to see what it was about. I just recently SIM & CID unlocked the M3100 so I may try some different ROMs to see if there are some speed improvements. If anyone can recommend a specific ROM then please do. Cheers Funster

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