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  1. good day paul got a couple of questions? whats is smart touch also concurrence manager htc diamond ringtone plugin? thanks in advance!
  2. no its not wm6 upgrade just another wm5 update but i could have swarn i once installed a leaked wm6 orange but don,t remember where i got it from??
  3. HOW about usa residents how many got one already I envy you european bastards in a positive way !!! EXCUSE my french!!!!!!!!!! ;) :wub:
  4. hey paul so whats the update on group purchasing this unit i am in if your the person we send the money to for a better price purchase and also i live in usa southern california!
  5. I am very interested but what about where you live ,how would it work if you live in the usa?
  6. good day paul do you know something we don,t in regards to obtaining these unit? or its the old saying is not what you know but who you know? :) :P ;)
  7. would you share with us how you have it working with t zones thanks in advance!
  8. Would be nice to try out the orange phomescreen plugin on my tmobile dash! ;) :D
  9. this is awesome 2 thumbs up way up ,just a huge request if you do not mind how about a version for smartphones with landscape?
  10. check your plugins go to add and remove programs you might have installed some plugin for your homescreen that was only supported if you had framwork installed!
  11. on the other hand wonderfull day finally reverted back i am so happy?!?!? :D :D
  12. FINALLY ! WITH NO HELP from anyone on this website THANK YOU FOR NOTHING! :)
  13. moving out of topic here anyone have info on where to officialy download t mobile branded htc roms???
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