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    HD2 flashed with WP7
  1. I've not played much via HDMI on my hudl but so far playback has been good. Maybe try a different HDMI lead or borrow a friends
  2. Mine is always unplugged, when I plug it in to charge I always switch it off first (sorry im a diehard bout this) But when the screen does go, I just press the power button, wait a second then press power again and unlock and its working as good as new.
  3. When I was using TabbieDroid this fix worked fantastically But using Helios it makes no difference
  4. Me too, my screen plays up randomly but locking and unlocking the screen works every time regardless of if I'm playing a game, browsing of using Google drive
  5. I agree :) We need a Windows Phone Google+ app, using G+ via Internet explorer is a real pain and you cant upload pictures.
  6. New content search works fine now. Thanks again
  7. Forgive me if I have missed it but how do I search for new posts across all topics? You used to click the new posts button then click the bottom option for everything??
  8. I have one but I don't use it anymore, its my backup for when my normal backup breaks
  9. Its a way off but the Mango update will put a lot of the enterprise features back, also this update includes the turn by turn navigation api so we should start to see a lot more third party sat nav packages released for WP7. I have a HD2 running WP7 and there is a lot that is missing compared to Windows Mobile 6.5 but I have tried Android and the quality of the Office support is next to none, the limited office hub in WP7 is miles better than anything on Android and this is also set to be revamped in the Mango update. So I would say hold out until then or get a HD2 and you can try WP7 then if you don't like it use Android or go back to WM6.5
  10. Just upgraded to Windows Phone 7 and cant wait for the release If you need a beta tester then let me know :unsure:
  11. All I can suggest is you take a look at the different roms on XDA-Developers in the TG01 section. I am currently using Mirom BETA4 and I dont have any of the issues you describe.
  12. Hi again, can I make a small request please? I have a TG01 which has no buttons or dpad, could you please make this game playable without buttons? I have tried a number of similar games but they rely on using buttons which makes them unusable on the TG01. Thanks again Midnight and welcome back
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