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  1. Work Phone; Device Name HTC Touch Pro2 Operating System Version Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type Default ROM Private Phone; Device Name SPV E650 (on O2) Operating System Version Windows Mobile 6 Standard ROM type Default ROM
  2. Does anyone know how to change where the camera saves its images or what it calls the images? I want to save the images on my storage card in My Pictures with the date/time as the name as I could do with my M3100 (TyTn), and in a dated subfolder would be even better. thanks Billinge
  3. There is a new ROM update available from HTC for the Touch Pro2. Does anyone know what changes it makes? I don't really want to do it if it makes no improvements as it wipes everything I understand. thanks Billinge
  4. I assume you mean the My3 link? Yes I did, but it just didn't show the £5 internet option. However! Just now, several hours later, I tried it again, and it worked, I've bought th £5 internet add-on, it must've just needed time after initial registration, so a little warning to all to be patient. No I'll go and try it out on my laptop, I'm using my wife's Eee PC with Linux at the mo, and sadly the USB dongle is not compatible with Linux. thanks for the help and a great recommend, I'll post again if there are an more problems cheers BillingeUK
  5. It would appear to be be looking that way. I've now set my device as the TyTN II, although I only have a TyTN I, and so far only put the sim in the dongle. Is there any way to get this £5 option working with the dongle? If I have to use the TyTN I as a mobile then fine, would just be nice to know. I appear to be on the Flat 12 package. Is that voice or data? Perhaps Paul can advise further? I'm not too familiar with 3. thanks BillingeUK
  6. I'm not getting the £5 internet option, just the Broadband Lite, Plus and Max. I've even set my phone as the TyTN II. I bought the modem through the link here. Am I knackered? Not topped up yet, only just registered a credit card, and that takes upto 7 days. Don't really want to put £10 on to find I can't get what I want. Are the any limits on 'unlimited'? thanks BillingeUK
  7. Turns out it does need signing for after all, I had to go the the sorting office to sign for it even though it would've fit through the letter box. 3 customer services not impressing so far. I just hope I can get this £5pm unlimited internet.
  8. they won't for security reasons, but they told me it may fit through the letter box, doesn't need signing for.
  9. I've just ordered one, will be delivered on Thursday, but I won't be in, so will pick up form the local Royal Mail sorting office on Friday morning. Looking forward to trying it out. thanks BillingeUK
  10. I used to be able to charge my M3100 using an Orange car charger without any problems, but it suddenly stopped working, since then I've tried using a USB cable connected into a car charger USB thingy, but it really does not like it at all. Strange, as my e650 charges fine in the car. Any suggestions? thanks Billinge
  11. I've ordered a number of items from expansys when the items where in stock, but still had long delays getting the items. I'm even removing them from my favourites, once is bad luck, but it's been several times now. BillingeUK
  12. To be honest I've given up on Expansys when it comes to ordering things, the last few orders I've placed, they've taken ages, so much so that on the last order when the site was saying expected in 1 day, then expected in 3 days, then expected in 1 day, then expected in 4 days, I cancelled the order, and don't think I'll try them again.
  13. Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but I installed this piece of software last night to back-up the sms's from my c550, so I could transfer some of them to my new e650. It seemed to work well with my c550 (not tried it with the e650 yet) so I thought I'd try to back up some sms'd from my work phone, and m3100. But as in the above post, it only seems to download the emails from the outlook inbox rather than the sms's, and doesn't see anything in the sent or drafts folders. Does anyone know if this software is compatible with windows mobile 5.0 and 6.0? I've tried a few other SMS back-up programs like Spb Sprite, but they don't seem to work with the c550, and transferring/backing-up the c550 sms's onto the e650 is my main objective. thanks BillingeUK
  14. I have also set the comms button to rotate the screena nd been using it like that for over a year. However, I have just this week downloaded the latest Rom update from Orange, and now the screen rotates the wrong way (ie the opposite was to opening the keyboard). Anyone else encountered this? Any ideas how to rectify? thanks BillingeUK
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