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  1. Why dont you get your friend to use TXCaesar's program and grab the 6.1 rom so we can all put it on our phones? Its free, fast, and easy and wont hurt your friend's phone. http://mobile.txcaesar.net/mobile/index.php
  2. I love this phone and I would like to know if there is a keyboard either wired or wireless available that I can use with it so I can input calendar appointments or tasks on the go??
  3. Yes my device does have WM10. I guess it is the modt recent. Thanks for the quick reply. Any advice on how to re-arrange my Start Menu to have my favorite items come up first on the list? Thanks...
  4. I have a SMT5600 I just bought on Ebay. I use it on ATT/Cingular network in Florida, US. I love this phone...My first WinMobile phone. I want to find what ROM version I have and if it safe to upgrade it to the newest one? Where do I get the new one if applicable? Thanks in advance...
  5. IMATE SP3I...does it work on GSM 850 band?? for cingular in US?
  6. I have an Icon at times on my phone at the very top bar. It is a SOLID TRIANGLE it only comes on at times and then it goes away. Can someone tell me what it means? Thanks in advance...
  7. i never said i had it nor do i know anything about it or whether its legal or illegal. You people need to lighten up around here...I can't even mention WM5 without getting 2 replies to "watch what I say"?? i simply wanted to know if anone could tell me about wm5 and if my phone supports it. Give me a break people...
  8. I noticed alot of talk about WM5 on the forum... does anyone know if it can be installed on my Audiovox 5600? I am a newbie to smartphones. Thanks in advance...
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