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  1. NO WE DO NOT AGREE! The site may well have been SET UP by Waggener Edstrom, aho also act for microsoft, but if you read the terms quoted above 'HTCWiki' accepts NO responsibility for content. Duh..... Can you not understrand that? It is very clear. So anything written on those pages does not come from HTC themselves but other authors. IT IS NOT OFFICIAL!!!!!!! Richard
  2. Waggener Edstrom Strategic Communications = Microsoft's PR BTW. http://www.waggeneredstrom.com/ It is a HTC setup site, just the content is not from HTC, it's from the usual internet cranks :rolleyes: Richard
  3. Look better in their grey than black IMO. Might try one out next time I pop in there. Richard. p.s - I 'tip-off'd' this about 10 days ago? And sent a message re the news section? Is it working OK?
  4. HTCWiki terms: http://www.htcwiki.com/terms ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. SUBMISSIONS You understand and agree that all postings, comments, edits, feedback, suggestions, ideas, photographs, images, notes, drawings concepts and other information, content or materials posted on, transmitted through, or linked from the Site, either online or offline and whether or not solicited by the Site (collectively, "Submissions"), are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Submissions originated. The Site is and shall be under no obligation (a) to maintain any Submissions in confidence; (:rolleyes: to store or maintain the Submissions, electronically or otherwise, © to pay any compensation for any Submissions or any use thereof; or (d) to respond to any user in connection with or to use any Submissions. The Site shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of any Submissions. You represent that, regarding any Submissions contributed by you, (a) Submissions will not violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, right of privacy, right of publicity or other personal or proprietary right(s); and (:( you are the owner of and/or have the right to provide such Submissions to us in accordance with this Agreement. You further represent that no such Submissions will be or contain libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive or obscene material. You are and shall remain solely responsible for the content of any Submissions you make. Wetpaint reserves the right to remove sites from public view, delete, or purge the content with or without cause, with or without notice if we determine in our sole discretion that the content is harmful, offensive, illegal or inappropriate for the subject matter of the site. Furthermore, Wetpaint may terminate this Agreement, or terminate or suspend your access to the Site and remove and discard any Submissions at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. User Conduct You agree to not use the Site to: Upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any content that we deem to be unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, false, inaccurate, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another
  5. It may well have been setup by HTC, use their logo with permission and link to / from their site, but as it can be edited by ANYONE who registers and not just HTC themselves, as is the nature of wiki's, then it CANNOT be taked to be HTC's OFFICIAL statement about anything. In a nutshell, THEY DID NOT WRITE IT. Has the 'fault' been mentioned on HTC's site? Then it ISN'T 'OFFICIAL' Duuuhhh....maybe you should turn your own brain on? Richard
  6. Asking a bit much for a device that dates from 2004 methinks :) Could it's ARM PXA262 run it? IIRC it's only got 32mb ram and 32mb rom. Maybe if the SD card was utilised as rom like some other unofficial smartphone upgrade paths? :( Still, ordered one anyway to see if I get one that works this time. Notorious for issues with the GPS... Richard
  7. Just nosing about on medion's webpage and this bundle is now only
  8. I was making a point about not necessarily switching bluetooth off. Why not set up your k800i as a bluetooth modem then and buy a dedicated nav device? Do you have a device with internal GPS? I have - the HTC manufactured iPaq HW6510 running PPC 2003SE. It also has bluetooth. As I have mentioned above the device's battery life when using the internal GPS is appalling - you can almost watch the battery meter tick down. Using a bluetooth GPS is actually not bad - I've just tried it. So what are you basing your assumptions on then eh?..."ths particular device would still use less power with the internal GPS than a BT GPS device, " - says who? Richard
  9. Yeah, cos the wiki HTC set up that anyone can edit is 'official' eh? :rolleyes: And where do they get 70% from? Seems an awful round figure! Doubt they've had 70% returns on those models somehow. Some aggrieved muppet with a broken device they've most likely caused, and who can get no recompense from the reseller has taken advantage of the wiki concept IMO and is likely jepordising the HTC involvement in it's future. I've a good mind to register just to edit those comments out ;) :) :( Richard
  10. Sorry, got no sp5 cosmetic bits at all Seems a good price considering you get the keypad as well. This points to the cover being original unlike some stuff I've had from wellcome china! :-) The reason the keypad is still in is becuase it's difficult to remove in one piece as there is no esternal frame around the buttons. If you got this one and still wanted the XDA look I'd just swop out the front perspex piece, then re-sell the remaining parts on ebay yourself. Many people want casings and / or keypads... Richard
  11. Paul, didn't you have one of the iPaq's? Battery life using GPS on my hw6510 is appalling. :( I'd be interested if they bring out a device using cell tower assisted GPS. Doesn't tomtom6 allow you to find other tomtom6 users as well for convey use etc? Opens up loads of big brother stuff IMO. At the moment you could be tracked via your mobile but the process is long and convoluted and takes days for the telco's to implement coverty for a number - there are other solutions you sign up to but I don't know about them - but how easy would it be for you to be tracked if the phone used A-GPS? Like the US E-911 regulations. I'd be interested to know what else that data was used for in the current climate there. Richard
  12. And I was replying to you. You said 'you won't be running bluetooth' but in real world situations these devices are mainly used in cars. If you have a phone enabled devices running navigation in a car and you don't use it to make calls, why have a phone enabled device? If you do use it to make calls you'll need a car kit, and the majority of those use bluetooth these days, so you would be running bluetooth.... So, to spell out my point for you, I was replying to 'Surely you will not be using bluetooth? with a built in GPS ' to illustrate you may well just be using it for other things. Headset, handsfree etc. Richard
  13. You missed my point. You said you'd not be using bluetooth with a phone enabled trinity with built in internal GPS as you don't need to pair with a GPS receiver. My point was that as it is phone enabled and you have it in the car you would need a suitable carkit (in this country at least ) to use it to make calls. IF you won't make calls why get a phone enabled unit? Most people prefer the bluetooth carkit option as it negates the need for a specific wired cradle and allows future upgrades easily, hence you would still need the phone to have bluetooth on even with the internal GPS. Doesn't matter if it isn't in constant use - still affects battery life considerably. Richard
  14. The specs you quote for standby etc take into account the fact that cell towers are not so prevalent in the US so a GSM radio unit has to crank up the transmitting power to keep a good signal lock - as there aren't usually so many towers close by. When I've used a UK handset in the US roaming the battery life has always approximatley halved. That was 4 years ago though so they could have built more towers ;-) Ignore the qutoed stats for the battery in the specific handsets in different markets and look at the mAh rating. The stats for the Qtek wewre probably measured in a european contry. Richard
  15. Bluetooth carkit? Else why have a phone enabled sat nav in the car if you're not going to make calls on it? So it'll need a carkit :rolleyes: Richard
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