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  1. Potatohead

    Benq E72 UNBOXED!

    I'm Glad I saw this. My HTCP3300 has taken a bit of a battering at work and I was after a new smartfone but after a £200 vet bill for the poxy cat to have two teeth out was a bit skint. Just ordered a grade A1 factory Restore from "everyting4less" on ebay for £63.50!! B) . Am looking forward to getting it as it should fit the bill. Didn't use all the functions on the HTC and the GPS Aquisition time was a joke. Hopefully I can go back to tomtom on this with my faithfull GPSSlim BTR. B) Does anyone know if this fone this is based on someone elses form factor? looks a bit nokia-ish, as I want to get a cradle for it?
  2. Just Tried the Cab file on my HTC3300 - works a treat nice one matey ;)
  3. Yeah turning it off would be the easy option but I quite like to see close to what speed i am actually doing as opposed to within whatever the tolerance of the speedo on my car is. Just hard to please i am .... gona keep hunting.. ;)
  4. It doesn't show it on all roads, only for ones that it thinks it knows the speed limit for. Thers has got to be some script somewhere that tells it to associted speed limits with certain roads but i cant find it. ;) If it doesn't "know" the speed limit then it just shows the speed as normal, so i fugured if I could delete all speed/road associations It would go back to normal. Just gotta find em. :D
  5. I am running TOMTOM Nav 6 on my Jamin and one of the tweaks TT have added is to show the road speed limit next to your actual speed and flash red if you go over. :D Does anyone know of any way this function can be disabled... ive searched but can't find anything editable.. ;)
  6. Potatohead

    Sat Nav on prophet.

    I Bought TTM5 for my C600, I ran the 5.21 TT Nav 5 update against it and it now runs as Nav on my Jamin following a new code issued by TT. :rolleyes: . ( I think you can get two or three codes out of them before you have to Justify a new handset with loads of faxes & receipts etc.) Had a few connectivity issues but after running the Imate ROM Update it works perfectly. Does anybody Know of and SDIO Slot type pf GPS receiver with built in memory that works with the Jamin? I Tried the Global-Sat SD502 as it has 512 of built in mem. But unfortunately it wasn't compatible?
  7. Potatohead

    Dual Sim

    Hi, One of my Sims is o2 and the other vodafone. Each kit comes with two Plastic SIM size adapters with a hole in it and a self adhesive backing. I had to use one to put my work sim back in another phone and it worked fine. ;) It's well worth seeking out the cutting tool rather than using scissors. If you knacker a SIM then it'll usually cost a tenner from your service provider for a new one. :( Backup any data you have on your sim first obviously. There are other adapters out there that have a thin Ribbon connecting two full size SIMS with a third SIM size card that goes in the SIM slot. However, I don't know if there is sufficient space in the back of these handsets to allow the extra thickness between the battery and the Cover. Sometimes this can put too much pressure on the fone casing and worst case stress the screen. Its worth asking all the questions of the suppliers before making a purchase, to be sure they send you the best to suit the application. :)
  8. Back in the Good old days of my Ipaq it was bossible to do a PIM packup to a SD Disk that archived all the contacts and calendar Info for safe keeping. I might just be being thick but i can't seem to find this same or similar facility on the Jamin? Does anyone know if its possible to do this sort of backup anymore.? :rolleyes:
  9. Potatohead

    Dual Sim

    I couldn't tell you what brand it is as the packaging was all in Japanese :rolleyes: But it was a listed as GHOST Dual Sim which I got from Here: http://www.m-99.co.uk/Mobile_Phone_Twin_SI...m_adapters.html to suit the C600. Might be best to ask first before buying. Its the model where you cut the Chip out of the center of tha card so you can fit two int the one SIM. You can get the proper cutting tool from MOBILEFUN. Hope this helps
  10. Potatohead

    Dual Sim

    Alo matey, My dual sim that I had in my C600 seems to work fine in my Jamin. :( Its thew one i got off M99 on ebay. :rolleyes:
  11. Had a rummage but couldnt find anything on this. Just bought an Imate Jamin and my active sync is playing up. Is it possible to do a PIM style backup on the C600 so i Can Transfer my calendar & contacts to my Jamin?? :rolleyes: Actually none of my active syncs on my pcs will see my C600 handset, without reason. It worked yesterday??
  12. Will this application work on Non-HTC devices as well? :rolleyes:
  13. Potatohead


    Yeah, still got an ear to the ground on that one. With the Drop in price on the 2GB MICRO SD and the recent Pretec release of their fully SD 2.0 compliant 8GB SD card, surely the bump up to 4GB for the Micro SD must be fairly imminent. :rolleyes:
  14. Dunno if anyone else has spotted these yet but check out these links. 4 Gig Boogie for the Mini SD!! :rolleyes: http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news.php?newsId=4722 http://www.emartbuy.co.uk/products.php?prodid=450

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